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ASUS Zenbook NX500 Laptop Review

Zenbook NX500

With luxury aluminum materials body design, Asus Zenbook NX500 gives users first look powerful and reliable laptop which is working better. The body design is really smooth concentric commonly not found on the other laptops. Part of the hinge to, similar length as most of the laptops have, looking very solid and strong, flip design lets you fold the rear …

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HP Slate 17 Hybrid of Tablet and Desktop

HP Slate 17

If you are in need of buying a device that can replace both PCs and tablets, the HP’s upcoming HP Slate 17 will meet your needs. Basically, this is a great HP Android tablet, but the maximum possible compatibility with applications such as Google Docs or Office applications. At the same time the device is also equipped with an Intel …

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Lenovo ThinkPad W540 Compact Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad W540

Lenovo ThinkPad W540 is the most powerful and most compact Laptop from Lenovo. The ThinkPad is a line of laptops that anyone who wants to own, partly thanks to the brand’s longstanding IBM tied to it, the other part is due to the design quality and excellent durability. Although this Lenovo ThinkPad designed by Chinese manufacturer, also done very well …

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Toshiba NB15T Touch screen Laptop reviews

Toshiba NB15T Touch screen laptop

Toshiba may have studied the market very carefully and launch this NB15T laptop. This laptop is specially designed for college students and employees need to study or working without pay high price. Toshiba NB15T virtually fulfill the basic criteria. Therefore, Toshiba NB15T is becoming one of the most interesting laptops. Toshiba NB15T Design and Style Toshiba nb 15T from the …

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Yoga 3 Pro laptop launched by Lenovo with Intel HD5300

Yoga 3 Pro

Lenovo Yoga is a line of laptops with a hybrid design allows users to apply different modes thanks to the ability to expand up to 360 degrees. This year, the third version of this model is Yoga 3 Pro has been officially released. Design: Lenovo Yoga is changing to popular hybrid with some tweaks in design and system to make …

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Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000 Hybrid tablet with Intel Core M Processor

Dell Venue 11 Pro

Dell is one of the famous manufacturers of electronic devices around the world. Many products with unique designs and preferred in the market. Recently, the Dell company launched the hybrid tablet called Dell Venue 11 Pro-7000 likely turn into a laptop or desktop computer through the attached external accessories. With the launch of Intel M Processor for excellent ability to …

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iMac 5K Retina Display Price around $2499

iMac 5K Retina

In terms of design, iMac 5K Retina almost identical from previous generation of the iMac, there are not so much changes in this version of iMac compared to the older version. If talking about the hardware and features inside the product, the most notable thing in this iMac 5K is Retina display which has a resolution of 5K. The iMac …

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Dell Alienware 13 – Hard-core Gaming Laptop

Dell Alienware 13

Dell recently launched the Dell Alienware 13 with new design and style, thin, light with luxurious finishes. Dell Alienware 13 weighs 2kg and is first gaming laptop of 13-inch from Dell. Laptop slated to go on sale in November. Design: Outside of laptop is slim size, Dell Alienware 13 features the same aesthetic we’ve come to know and love, with …

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Samsung Chromebook 2 Sleek design with heavy Performance

Samsung Chromebook 2

After the success of the first Chromebook laptops, Samsung has launched a new version – the Samsung Chromebook 2 with distinct advantages in design and performance. The Chromebook Series has become the craze with new technology in late 2013 when it accounted for more than 10% market share of laptops sold in the world market because of the advantages of …

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Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop quick review

Lenovo Y50

In the center of ACES Gaming, Lenovo held a press conference to introduce a top gaming laptop IdeaPad Y50. The newest member of Y Series entertainment. Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop has an eye-catching design with metal casing, thinner and equipped with new hardware such as Intel Core i7 and Nvidia GTX 800M graphics card. Ahead of CES 2014, the Lenovo …

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