Despite having good contrast and deep blacks, VA-based displays come with several drawbacks. One significant complaint from gamers is the issue of ghosting, which refers to visible trails left behind moving objects. However, the MSI MAG 275CQRXF review proves to be a pleasant exception.


This 27″ monitor features a curved Rapid VA panel with a 2K resolution, a refresh rate of 240 Hz, and a rapid 1 ms response time. Please note that we measured the 1 ms response time using the GtG method, which is more reliable than the MPRT method commonly used in marketing. Read on for our MSI MAG 275CQRXF review for more detail.



The MSI MAG 275CQRXF is a 27-inch monitor with a 1000R curvature. It features a sleek design, high-quality materials, and precise part alignment. The dimensions of the monitor are 427 (557) × 607 × 267 mm. The MSI logo is located on the bottom bezel and there is a status LED on the bottom edge of the display.


On the back of the monitor, there is a complex geometry and a combination of different plastics. The MSI dragon logo is located nearby the hidden Mystic Light external lighting system, which is behind a mesh ventilation panel.


To control the monitor, there is a five-way joystick and two buttons. The bottom button turns the monitor on and the top button activates the Gaming Intelligence (GI) feature.


This 27″ 1440p VA monitor has two HDMI 2.0b connectors, DisplayPort 1.4a, and USB Type-C (DP Alt Mode) for charging (15W). There are also USB Type-B, two USB 2.0 Type-A, and a headphone output. They arranged the ports vertically.


The strong and representative leg of the monitor has a plastic column with a textured aluminum finish and a steel core. You can neatly pass wires through a hexagonal hole. The V-shaped base is made of metal.

You can easily put the stand together in under a minute. To attach the leg to the monitor, you will need two screws with thread lock. We recommend doing this while the display is still in the foam.

The ergonomic leg allows for a height adjustment of up to 13 cm. The distance between the bottom frame and the table can be between 5 and 18 cm.

You can also tilt the screen from -5 to +20 degrees.

However, the monitor does not come with built-in speakers, as the developers assume that gamers would prefer to use headsets or external speakers.


Our MSI MAG 275CQRXF review unit reveals a well-designed menu with beautiful blue and purple color schemes. Navigation is easy using a joystick, which proves more convenient than traditional buttons.


The menu has eight tabs including GI, Gaming, Professional, Image, Input Source, PIP/PBP, Navi Key, and Settings. The GI tab offers gaming features such as Smart Crosshair and Optix Scope, while the Gaming tab provides game mode, response time, and refresh rate selection options. Here, you can also activate black frame insertion (MPRT) and adaptive sync features. The Professional section helps users select the operating mode, while the Image tab adjusts brightness, contrast, and color temperature settings. For general settings like backlight and reset options, the Settings tab is available.


This monitor comes with MSI Gaming Intelligence software that enables users to control the device from their Windows computer and switch quickly between game-specific profiles. However, it’s important to note that using the software requires an additional USB cable.

MSI MAG 275CQRXF review test

Characteristics and Measurements of the 1440p VA Panel

For users who pay attention to details, I want to inform you that the MSI MAG 275CQRXF has a high-speed VA panel labeled TPV TPM270WQ1_SG1G02 manufactured by TP Vision. This panel has a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels (108 ppi) and a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz. To achieve an expanded sRGB color gamut, they use an additional layer of quantum dots. The monitor also possesses a basic HDR certificate – DisplayHDR 400. You can see the full specifications here.

It is worth mentioning that the viewing angles of the panel are not exceptional. This is a common drawback of VA panels. However, considering the target audience of a 27-inch gaming display with 1000R curvature, it is unlikely that the owner would view it from extreme angles. Therefore, this may not be a significant disadvantage.


Regarding the test sample, the black background appears to have noticeable highlights in the corners.


On the other hand, the white color appears even without any tint.


We assessed brightness uniformity using a calibrator based on the ISO 14861:2015 criterion. The standard used was a central rectangle with an operating brightness of approximately 125 cd/m2. Overall, the result is satisfactory, although there are some areas open to debate.

In the “Custom” mode, we measured the brightness, contrast, and white point. The preset settings demonstrated a substantial margin in brightness and contrast levels that exceeded the promised specifications. Like many gaming monitors, the white point is set at a “cold” temperature of 7300 K. One minor flaw is that the minimum brightness level is too high, exceeding 80 nits.

In the sRGB mode, the brightness and contrast levels were similar, but the color temperature was slightly warmer at 6900 K. It’s worth noting that you can adjust the brightness in this mode.

The Anti-Blue mode reduces eye strain, especially during reading. This mode eliminates the blue color, giving the screen a yellowish tint. The white point is set to a “warm” temperature of 5500 K.

In MPRT mode, the brightness remains fixed at 135 nits.

The “Custom” mode graphically shows an expanded sRGB coverage, and the cool white point can be attributed to the excess of the blue component.

In the sRGB mode, the color gamut tends to adhere to the standard.

Lastly, as anticipated, the “Anti-Blue” mode exhibits the expected characteristics.

The measurement results for sRGB, Adobe RGB, and DCI-P3 are provided below.

Given that this is a gaming monitor with an expanded color gamut, precise color rendition is not a necessity. We calibrated the MSI MAG 275CQRXF review copy solely for research purposes.

The resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels has become the go-to choice for a 27-inch display. However, when combined with a high refresh rate, it puts significant strain on the graphics card, making it difficult to achieve optimal performance with a mid-budget graphics adapter.

It may take some time to get used to the extreme curvature (1000R) of the MSI MAG 275CQRXF. Visually, the device appears slightly smaller compared to flat 27-inch monitors. Despite the anti-reflective coating, the curved panel reflects light to some extent, so it’s advisable to darken the room for the best viewing experience. While there is a slight crystalline effect on a white background, it is not relevant for gaming. Fonts display clearly without any issues. The TÜV Rheinland certificate confirms that there is no PHI modulation or software reduction of harmful blue radiation.

The panel’s high-speed capabilities, combined with deep black colors, greatly enhance the gaming experience. The panel is appropriately named “Rapid VA” and is especially beneficial for dynamic shooters and games with dark scenes. Although Rapid IPS, OLED, or TN panels are still faster, this MSI MAG 275CQRXF review model offers impressive performance for a VA-based solution. Additionally, we did not observe any black crush.

It’s worth noting that the manufacturer declares a 1 ms GtG response time, which is rare for VA panels. The developers have successfully configured three response speed options, ensuring no signs of overghosting even in the minimum mode. You may notice minor ghosting effects in test programs, but during actual gameplay, they are practically non-existent. This makes the monitor a great choice for fans of this panel type.


The MPRT (black frame insertion) mode improves clarity but results in a doubled picture. This mode also enables backlight strobing. It’s worth mentioning that activating this mode does not disable Adaptive Sync, unlike many other monitors.

The monitor’s 240 Hz refresh rate is available right out of the box without requiring any adjustments to settings or drivers. This refresh rate is only achievable via DisplayPort, with the necessary cable included in the package. HDMI operates at a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz.


At 240 Hz, the monitor displays the image in eight-bit mode. The option to select a ten-bit color display becomes available at a refresh rate of 180 Hz.

Regarding the adaptive synchronization system, the driver reports no official support for NVIDIA G-Sync, although I did not encounter any issues with it.

The MSI MAG 275CQRXF now supports Auto HDR in Windows 11. However, with a brightness of 400 nits, it’s worth noting that the “wow” effect may not be as pronounced. Nevertheless, movies and videos look impressive on the monitor, delivering a visually pleasing experience, albeit primarily for a single user. Deviating slightly from the center, as mentioned earlier, results in a dim image.

Final line

In summary, the MSI MAG 275CQRXF is designed for gaming monitor enthusiasts who prefer VA panels. This model stands out as one of the fastest monitors in its class, rivaling gaming solutions based on Rapid IPS, OLED, or TN technology. While there may have been some compromises, the monitor’s capabilities fully justify its price.

The MSI MAG 275CQRXF is available for purchase on at an attractive price point of $299.95, making it the best 1440p VA panel monitor for gaming under $300. It is also available on for £398.99.

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