JBL Go 4 Review: Unpacking the Best in Budget Waterproof Bluetooth Audio

JBL stands out as a prominent audio brand, especially noted for its portable speakers. With high-quality products, impressive sound quality, and youthful design, JBL has created a breakthrough in global sales. Recently, the company continued to bring the best budget waterproof Bluetooth speaker with the launch of JBL Go 4: With the $50 segment, JBL Go 4 promises to shake up the market with outstanding upgrades. Join me for a review of the JBL Go 4 Squad version during our camping trip.

JBL Go 4 Review


JBL Go 4 Review: best budget waterproof Bluetooth speaker

If anyone has ever experienced JBL Go 3, it is easy to see that this year’s version, the box of JBL Go 4 has a clear difference in material: Instead of using a plastic box like the previous version, JBL Go 4 is crafted from 80% recycled plastic and 100% recycled PCR mesh fabric, with soy ink, demonstrating JBL’s commitment to sustainable design. Included in the box are a standard JBL USB-C cable and a user manual.


In terms of appearance, it’s easy to see that this year’s JBL Go 4 has been emphasized more with logo details, jacks, product names, etc., all with a distinctive orange border that’s quite eye-catching. The JBL logo is made more durable and can overcome the peeling phenomenon from the old version.

JBL Go 4 Review: best budget waterproof Bluetooth speaker

The highlight of JBL Go 4 is its super light weight of only 190g – equivalent to a smartphone. This design allows for effortless transport of the speaker, fitting conveniently in your pocket, backpack, or handbag, or even hanging from a tree branch during camping trips with friends.

The speaker is covered with a layer of high-quality mesh fabric, which both ensures aesthetics and protects the speaker inside. The highlight is the seamless rubber plastic border halfway up the speaker, decorated with striped rubber strips.

This design not only increases the grip of the speaker but also helps minimize vibrations when the speaker plays strong bass, limiting movement. JBL Go 4 is equipped with a flat handle with a plastic piece in the middle, making it easy to hold and carry the speaker anytime, anywhere. This design creates a slight tilt when attached to a backpack or inner pocket, making it more convenient and fashionable.


Despite its compact size, the JBL Go 4 boasts advanced JBL Pro Sound audio technology and 45mm drivers for superior sound quality. This unique sound quality of JBL has been made much better in this version. The bass emitted in large spaces is still very bold and vibrant. Mid and high tones are not inherently JBL’s strengths, but with a wide sound range of 90Hz – 20kHz, JBL Go 4 reproduces detailed high tones quite clearly, helping you fully enjoy all your favorite music genres.

JBL Go 4 Review: best budget waterproof Bluetooth speaker

The JBL Go 4 is an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker that’s both waterproof and dustproof, with a 4.2W capacity. While it may not provide the explosive sound quality desired for parties, it is an excellent choice for relaxed listening experiences by the stream, at the beach, or home.

Battery life

Compared to its predecessor Go 3, JBL Go 4 brings a valuable upgrade in battery life. The speaker provides up to 7 hours of use on a single charge, an increase of 2 hours compared to Go 3. You can comfortably take the speaker with you on picnics, travel, or simply relax at home. No need to worry about music playing time.

JBL Go 4 Review: best budget waterproof Bluetooth speaker

In addition, the speaker also has the Playtime Boost feature, which helps add 2 hours of music playback, bringing the total battery life up to 9 hours. This feature helps tune and optimize performance, delivering clearer and boomer sound, giving you a more fulfilling music experience than ever before.

Waterproof and dustproof Bluetooth speaker

JBL Go 4 Review: best budget waterproof Bluetooth speaker

With the IP67 water and dust resistance standard, you can completely wash the speaker underwater without worrying about damage. The speaker can withstand all types of adventures, including wading through streams and climbing mountains. It is also durable enough for outdoor sports activities without the risk of damage.


Surprisingly, the affordably priced JBL Go 4 still comes packed with a full array of smart features this year. The highlight is the JBL Portable application: Easily choose the available EQ modes or manually customize the sound to your liking. Pair 2 speakers to create a stereo effect with the “stereo group” mode in the app to get the most out of your JBL portable speaker.

JBL Go 4 scores points with its scientifically arranged function button positions and rubber-coated finish for smooth and precise operation. Bluetooth version 5.3 makes it easy to connect the speaker to a new device. In particular, JBL switched from PartyBoost technology to Auracast for powerful sound and a more stable connection. The all-new Auracast™ wireless connection button on the JBL GO 4 speaker introduces the capability to pair two of these speakers for enhanced stereo sound effects. Additionally, it allows for connection with multiple Auracast-enabled speakers to amplify the audio experience. Powerful sound, unlimited number of speakers.

Final line

Is the JBL Go 4 worth buying? Absolutely. It’s an excellent option for anyone seeking the best budget waterproof Bluetooth speaker that combines portability, high-quality sound, and a stylish design.

The JBL Go 4 is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a compact speaker to enjoy music. It appeals especially to fashion-conscious individuals and those who appreciate youthful, dynamic accessories for creating engaging online content.

The charming design of this speaker is reminiscent of the Muzen OTR Metal Line Friends speaker from Muzen Audio. It stands out due to its adorable appearance, FM radio functionality, and USB-C charging capabilities. For a detailed review of its features, click here.

JBL Go 4 price and availability

JBL Go 4 is available for only $49.95 on Amazon.com and £39.99 on Amazon.co.uk. It is available in many color options, from classic options such as Black and White to vibrant choices like Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Sand, and the standout Black & Orange. In our JBL Go 4 review, we highlight the unique ‘Squad’ variant, a military green color inspired by military attire, adding distinctiveness to its color palette. Its camouflage patterns give the speaker a distinctive and bold appearance.

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