Zhongyi brings four Mitakon Speedmaster High-speed Cine Lenses

The Shenyang Zhongyi Optical & Electronic Co., Ltd., also known under the name Zhong Yi Optics, has introduced four cine lenses with luminous intensity T.1.0 with different camera connections under the name “Mitakon Speedmaster”. Including 17mm and 25mm with MFT mount, 35mm with Canon RF, Fujifilm X, Sony E, and also Micro Four Thirds connection as well as 50mm for …

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TTArtisan 35mm F1.4 Lens now also in Silver Color

The silver color version of the TTArtisan 35mm F1.4 lens for APS-C mirrorless cameras has been released. The lens is compatible with Leica L, Nikon Z, Sony E, Canon EOS M, Fujifilm X, and Micro Four Thirds mount. TTArtisan lens is compact, has a bright f/1.4 maximum aperture offers great control over depth of field, and also benefits working in …

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Rokinon 14mm T3.1 DSX Budget Wide Angle Cine Lens Introduced

Rokinon has unveiled its new Rokinon 14mm T3.1 DSX wide angle cine lens. This new edition expands the line of cine lenses introduced last year. As you would expect, this lens has received a large amount of mount compatibility: Canon EF, Canon RF, Fujifilm X, Micro Four Thirds, Sony E, and Nikon F mounts. In addition to being a fully …

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Yongnuo YN42.5mm F1.7M II Prime Lens for Micro Four Thirds

The YONGNUO has announced its new autofocus lens for Olympus/Panasonic Standard 4/3, and Olympus/Panasonic Micro Four Thirds system – the Yongnuo YN42.5mm F1.7M II prime lens. This is the second version of the existing YN42.5mm F1.7 model. The design of the new version of the lens has changed minimally. The optical structure includes 8 sets of 9 pieces, and the …

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Samyang MF 14mm T3.1 VDSLR MK2 Wide Angle Video Lens Now Available to Buy

Samyang complements the 24, 35, 50, and 85mm T1.5 VDSLR MK2 series with a new Samyang MF 14mm T3.1 VDSLR MK2 wide angle video lens with improved weather protection and 9 aperture blades, compatible with 7 mounts for Canon EF, Canon RF, Canon EF-M, Sony E, Nikon F, Fujifilm X, and MFT. The new 14mm T3.1 VDSLR MK2 wide angle …

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Sirui 24mm F2.8 Anamorphic 1.33x Lens Now Available on B&H Store

Recently announced new Sirui 24mm F2.8 Anamorphic 1.33x lens is now available on B&H store. The wide angle lens is designed for Canon EF-M, Fujifilm X, Nikon Z, Sony E, and Micro Four Thirds. This 24mm F2.8 Anamorphic 1.33x wide lens increases the horizontal FOV by 33% compared with traditional 24mm APS-C lenses. The captured image is displayed in a …

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