Brightin Star 35mm F0.95 for Sony E, Canon M, Nikon Z, and MFT

Xingyao Optical has introduced its latest innovation, the manual ultra-fast lens Brightin Star 35mm F0.95, tailored for APS-C cameras with various mounts including Sony E, Fujifilm X, MFT, Nikon Z, and Canon EF-M/RF-S. This lens, equivalent to about 52.5mm focal length, is specifically designed for capturing night scenes and low-light environments.

Brightin Star 35mm F0.95

Boasting a remarkable optical structure comprising 12 blade diaphragms and 11 elements in 8 groups, this lens offers a minimum focusing distance of 0.37m and accepts filters with a diameter of Ø52mm. Despite its high-performance capabilities, the Brightin Star 35mm F0.95 maintains a compact size, weighing only approximately 360 grams.

Its F0.95 large aperture proves invaluable for capturing stunning night scenes, even in dimly lit settings. The lens features an Aurora ring design, enhancing its mechanical strength, playability, and overall user comfort.

When fully open at F0.95, the lens delivers outstanding image quality and sharpness. To further enhance image clarity, the lens incorporates 2 low-dispersion ED lenses, effectively suppressing chromatic aberration and ensuring high-contrast images.

Brightin Star 35mm F0.95 price and availability

The Brightin Star 35mm F0.95 is available for purchase at a competitive price of $199.99 on, with an additional built-in coupon code worth $15, providing customers with an attractive discount.

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Meanwhile, Pergear has unveiled its latest offering, the 14mm F2.8 II full-frame ultrawide angle lens, catering to Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF, and L-mount mirrorless cameras. For APS-C models, this lens provides an equivalent focal length of 21mm, ideal for capturing expansive scenes.

This lens features 10 aperture blades and a sophisticated optical configuration comprising 13 elements distributed across 9 groups. Among these elements, 2 aspherical elements and 5 ultra-high refractive index glasses play a significant role, ensuring impeccable image quality. Additionally, 3 ultra-low dispersion elements effectively minimize color fringing and chromatic aberration, enhancing the overall visual experience.

The Pergear 14mm F2.8 II lens is competitively priced at $269 / £319, offering photography enthusiasts an affordable option for capturing breathtaking wide-angle shots.

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