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Despite having good contrast and deep blacks, VA-based displays come with several drawbacks. One significant complaint from gamers is the issue of ghosting, which refers to visible trails left behind moving objects. However, the MSI MAG 275CQRXF review proves to be a pleasant exception. This 27″ monitor features a curved Rapid VA panel with a 2K resolution, a refresh rate …

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MSI MAG275CQRXF gaming monitor with a USB hub and 240Hz

MSI has introduced its best 1440p VA monitor, the MAG275CQRXF, catering to the needs of avid gamers seeking a high-performance 1440p experience. This 2K VA monitor boasts a robust 240 Hz refresh rate, making it particularly enticing for competitive players, promising smooth gameplay in fast-paced shooters. Debuting at Computex 2023, the MAG275CQRXF is now available for purchase in the USA. …

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