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Realme Buds Air Pro Review: Noise Cancelling Earbuds Without Distortions

Until now, active noise cancellation was a feature of expensive TWS headphones. But with time, this new technology came into the budget segment. Let’s see how it works in the Realme Buds Air Pro Noise Cancelling Earbuds, where we’ve added other useful solutions, but at the same time, we don’t break the price for the device, where the company has added other useful features, but at the same time, they don’t break the price for the device.

Realme Buds Air Pro Review: Noise Cancelling Earbuds


New Realme EarBuds is built on the latest proprietary S1 chip, but they didn’t think of the convenience of removing the Bluetooth headset from the case: glossy surface, soft edges – there’s nothing on it. But you get used to it over time.

The main feature that distinguishes the Buds Air Pro from other wireless earphones of the brand is the Active Noise Cancellation with a Transparency mode, namely, the ability to listen to the environment. As it turns out, the most effective system is in the lower end of the range. It dampens well rotational noises, such as noise aircraft engines or coolers in computers, and also noticeably weakens the rumble in metro and trains, and reduces the audibility of the conversation.

Realme Buds Air Pro Review: Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Switching ANC mode works by long-press one of the earbuds or using a mobile app. The very fact of the latter is another pleasant bonus of wireless earphone. In addition, the changing Noise Cancelling types is voiced by a cute girlish voice in English.

The Realme link app for Android and iOS gives you access to important functions. There is a mode that reduces latency, which is useful for sports and for watching videos. There is no equalizer in the app, but Bass Boost+ processing is available. There is enough bass without it, but with it, the lows get density, firmness, energy. Active noise cancellation also affects the level of low frequencies – without ANC, the bass dries up.

Another interesting switch is the Volume up. In theory, the Noise Cancelling Earbuds are already vocal: at maximum in the Bluetooth channel, the player’s control remains within 15-25%. But you never know, suddenly it won’t be enough with some smartphones – this is where the function will come in handy.

Realme Buds Air Pro Review: Noise Cancelling Earbuds

It is convenient to check the battery status in the application – the energy reserve of each Bluetooth headset wireless and case is displayed. So one indicator LED on the case is sufficient, as it is only necessary for forced pairing if for some reason the automatic connection does not work. By the way, a barely noticeable button on the right serves to start the pairing. Finally, in Realme Link, you can also customize the touch control by changing the values ​​of double and triple touch. But are not subject to single and long-press adaptation.

A convenient feature is that it stops playback when you remove any wireless earphone and resume when it is returned to your ear. The left and right Realme EarBuds connect independently to the source. Each of them can work independently if you only need the mono headset function and you need to save battery power.

Battery and communication

Realme’s battery life is clearly indicated: 5 hours at 50% volume with AAC codec and noise reduction turned on. Since ANC clears the background sound and allows you to listen to music at a lower volume, there is no point in saving energy by turning it off. That is why this function is disabled only through the application, and on the Realme earbuds themselves, you can only activate “Transparency” mode. As you can see, the control algorithm has been carefully thought out.

Realme Buds Air Pro Review: Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Communication stability is exemplary. Even shielding obstacles, a large metal object such as a refrigerator, could not break it. A powerful microwave working nearby was able to cause a subtle interruption only at the moment it was turned off. Speech during telephone conversations is audible flawlessly.

Apparently, this is affected by the form factor of the headphones, and the fact that each case has two conversational microphones connected with an active noise suppression system. Of course, this does not mean that you need to conduct small talk in the noisiest places, but ANC easily copes with average city noise.


It is believed that the AAC codec works perfectly only with Apple technology. For fun, we decided to test how the Buds Air Pro Noise Cancelling Earbuds play with two different sources – iPad (iOS) and LG V50 (Android). Yes, the sound is slightly different, but without the obvious benefit from Apple. So we tried in vain. Moreover, there has never been a regret that the Realme Earbuds do not support aptX. And without it, Buds Air Pro is pleased with its accuracy, transparency, and natural information.

Frequency Response – with barely noticeable rises at the edges of the range, just enough to sound effective and expressive, but with the right balance and without distortions to any set of instruments. The vocals are reliable, lively, captivating. The bass is tight, well defined. The resolution at the lowest frequencies is perhaps slightly reduced, but you only understand it when compared with more expensive wired models.

The Buds Air Pro shows no obvious genre preferences. Hard rock (Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin) convincingly plays in them, progressive individuals are impressive (Fish, Sanguine Hum, Blackfield). Even music as difficult to reproduce as the heavy funk of “The Heavy” is conveyed expressively and without added noise – you can clearly hear that all the distortions were recorded deliberately. And chamber music, jazz, and easy recording styles sound extremely exciting. Hooverphonic’s orchestral concert “With Orchestra Live” was impossible to tear away from.

Realme Buds Air Pro Specifications

  • Headphone Type: in-ear TWS
  • Acoustic Design: Closed
  • Noise Cancelling: Active
  • Contro: Sensor
  • Driver: Dynamic, 10 mm
  • Wireless interface: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Codecs: SBC, AAC
  • Battery: 5 to 6 hours (50% volume, with ANC or without ANC) / Case battery life up to 20 to 25 hours
  • Charging time: Case fully charge in 2 hours
  • Water rating: IPX4

Final line

The new Realme Buds Air Pro Noise Cancelling Earbuds is not only beautiful and compact. They offer a stable Bluetooth connection, excellent sound, effective noise cancellation, excellent audibility during phone calls, offering gaming modes with low latency of up to 94 milliseconds. In practice, when we watched YouTube and some videos, we did not feel the delay of the sound.

It can be bought for Rs. 4,499 (approx. $69) on, with a combination of good design, useful specifications, and clean, enjoyable sound, the Buds Air Pro pretty much gets everything right considering its price. It offers an overall experience that several options that cost twice as much struggle to give. If you’re shopping for a very affordable new pair of truly wireless earphones, this should definitely be on your list.

For Rs. 2,000 more, you can instead choose the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, which is arguably still the best Noise Cancelling Earbuds you can get below $100. Other than their slightly compact charging case, the earbuds themselves offer excellent battery life and superb audio quality.

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