Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: The Most Demanding Earbuds

Samsung is completing its TWS earbuds series with Pro models that have been seriously upgraded on all fronts. Innovations include more powerful two-way speakers, intelligent active noise canceling, water-resistance, and improved microphones. How these new earbuds sound, we explain in the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

Probably the best sound in this class

Most TWS earbuds are a trade-off between sound quality and usability. Therefore, they play, as a rule, weaker than the wired model. They usually close their eyes to this, as comfort is often more important to the user than the loss of the device. However, the technologies are not standing still, As can be seen in the example of Samsung Buds Pro, which pleasantly surprises with its capabilities. Small shells produce a sound that many wired headsets would envy.

The lows are particularly impressive with depth and richness. The main thing is that the bass does not stick against the background of other frequencies, But too much percussion creates the necessary pressure on the ears when driving tracks with instruments. The vocals are also in order: they are not pushed into the background and sound natural.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

If many TWS models do not have enough volume, the Galaxy Buds Pro does not have this problem at all – they sound so that listening to music at maximum is impossible. To achieve this, engineers equipped each of the earbuds with a pair of 11 mm two-way speakers and a 6.5 mm tweeter.

The Buds Pro is at the core of all genres and music, whether it is high-quality hip-hop, modern rap, instrumental rock, and roll, or heavy metal – the headset can reveal any direction. Pro prefix appeared in the name for one reason – it is one of the best TWS earbuds on the market in terms of sound quality.

At the same time, the model has a minor set of codecs: SBC, AAC, and proprietary scalable. The latter only works with Galaxy smartphones and produces richer and more detailed sound with aptX. Earbuds are great as a headset for phone calls. The system of three microphones filters out wind and noisy street sounds, resulting in the interlocutor listening well to the user.

Smart noise cancellation

ANC technology was previously actively used in full-size headphones, but gradually more compact TWS-models started coming. Its principle of operation is simple: microphones process external sounds, and the system delivers a sound wave of the same amplitude as the noise from outside.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

Noise reduction in the new Samsung product helps make sound brighter and louder while listening to tracks, and at the same time avoids external sounds. The Galaxy Buds Pro uses a bundle of three microphones for the ANC. There is no question of complete soundproofing – the earbuds cut lower frequencies and reduced the overall volume level of the environment. If you don’t turn on the music, so the cry of children on the plane or the sound of wheels on the train will still be heard, though not clearly.

To ensure those vacuum headphones, which isolate themselves from the outside world, the Ambient Mode is provided, if you’re not interfering with talking to the cashier, waiter, or pretty girl who asks for directions. It amplifies sounds and allowing you to listen to whatever is being said.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

The earbuds are also equipped with an intelligent active noise reduction function. It should automatically turn off the blocking of external sounds, mute the music and turn on the Ambient sound in those cases when someone calls the user. Even, in theory, the regime raises many questions. How will the software understand that it is talking with the owner of the headphones, and not communicating nearby?

In practice, it turns out that the function is randomly turned on the road when the car passes, and the earbuds begin to muffle the music every few minutes. Perhaps they will solve the problem with the update, but as of now, the mode is not working as it should. Fortunately, this can be disabled in the mobile app.

Fresh design and water resistant

The Galaxy Buds Pro is similar to the simple Buds – they are classic in-ear plugs. Compared to the previous generation, they have become “chubby”. Impressed by the presence of more sensors, microphones, and advanced speakers. Due to the increased size, TWS headsets do not sit very comfortably even after trying on individual pads of the ears. However, after a few days, you get into a habit of landing and stop paying attention. The most important thing is that the accessory does not fall out while walking on the street and while jogging.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

The case has changed a bit. It has become matte, rectangular, and more compact. There is an external and internal charging indicator, a USB Type-C port, and a nice pop when closed. There are a choice of colors for every taste: black, purple, and silver. Earbuds fit very easily into this case, to remove them from there, special skills are also not required.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is IPX7 certified – a useful and rare feature among TWS models. The headphones can withstand immersion in water up to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. They can easily survive heavy rain outside, and can also be used in the shower or taken to the pool for training.

Touch control is convenient, but it is not easy to avoid false alarms, especially when installing earphones in your ears. A double-tap on the earbuds goes to the next track, a triple tap returns to the previous one, and a long press starts the noise-canceling mode. If desired, the button’s functionality will be configured via a proprietary app on smartphones.

Galaxy Solutions

All earbud settings are located in the Galaxy Wearable mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS. This opens up a lot of opportunities. Allows you to adjust the degree of active noise cancellation, adjust the equalizer, activate various smart functions, and more.

There are several pleasant solutions for Samsung owners. For example, auto-switching audio sources work between Galaxy devices. We listen to music on a smartphone, then take a tablet, launch a video on YouTube – and the earbuds automatically start playing sound from the video. True, this requires models with a UI 3.1, which are authorized under one account.

The Galaxy Buds Pro has 360 Audio for immersive surround sound. The headset uses a gyroscope to track head rotation and change the direction of the sound. This feature is also available only for Galaxy devices with a UI 3.1.

Battery life

With AAC and noise cancellation at 70 percent volume, the Galaxy Buds Pro played music for about 8 hours. Of course, if you turn it on, this time will decrease, but battery life is still impressive. With the ANC function, the battery will run continuously for about three hours. Overall, with recharge from the case, you can count on 28 hours of listening to the tracks. By the way, the device supports wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Specifications

  • Type: TWS
  • Control: Touch sensor
  • Drivers: low frequency + high frequency
  • Wireless interface: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Codecs: SBC, AAC, Samsung Scalable
  • Features: Active noise cancellation, Ambient mode, IPX7 water protection
  • Earbud battery: 61 mAh
  • Case battery: 472 mAh
  • Battery life: Single charge: 8 hours (ANC off) and 5 hours (ANC on) / Charging in case: up to 28 hours
  • Earbud Weight: 6.3 g (each)
  • Weight with case: 57.5 g

Final line

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has some of the best TWS earbuds on the market right now. They are well made, have a good repository of functions, have a powerful sound, and do an excellent job with ambient noise. They are completely safe from water and work for a long time without recharge. The “Pro” in the name title is completely justified.

When it comes to gadgets and technology, Samsung always stands up to its point, especially when innovations are to be included in its product. The Galaxy Buds Pro is a great example of exactly that; it costs $199.99 on and websites. Price is a little higher compared to Galaxy Buds Live (REVIEW) but is objectively better in almost every way. From the fit and comfort to the sound, this is an excellent pair of truly wireless earphones for the price.

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