Avantone Pro Bonzo Bundle pairs Kick Drum and MONDO Microphones

Avantone Pro has announced the availability of Bonzo Bundle, a kick drum microphone that effectively brings back to life a well-known extinct example by utilizing the affordable high-quality audio products producer’s reproduction ‘white cone’ low-frequency driver to capture lower frequencies than a standard dynamic microphone, giving kick drum sounds that still-sought-after subsonic signature.

Avantone Pro Bonzo Bundle kick drum microphone and Mondo

With Mondo, representing the very finest kick drum microphone available, both for live clubs and concerts, as well as serious studio recording projects, offering a very aggressive frequency contour that sounds huge right out of the box.

Released last year to widespread critical acclaim, Kick brings the boom from appropriate instruments out to the forefront, making large-sounding sources sound massive. Moreover, it neatly does so with a sub-frequency microphone that utilizes its well-known reproduction ‘white cone’ low-frequency driver — not just any driver, though… the driver! After all, Avantone Pro’s AV-10 MLF low-frequency replacement driver used in its CLA-10 recreation of an iconic studio reference monitoring mainstay and compatible with the Japanese original — is also at the beating heart of Kick.

Indeed, it has a single continuous press formed cone to match that classic sound and allows a much higher level of quality control and consistency during the manufacturing process as well as delivering strong bass reproduction. In Kick’s case, the AV-10 MLF’s distinctive 18cm cone acts as a microphone element. The microphone itself is of a moving coil dynamic type, with a 50Hz to 2kHz frequency response, 6.3 Ω output impedance, and figure-eight pattern, plus a male XLR connector. All are housed in a birch plywood drum shell with a 10-inch mesh drum head.

Meanwhile, MONDO is die-cast from zinc as Avantone Pro’s second-generation kick drum microphone with no breakable plastic parts, thanks to its brass and steel grill assembly. Aesthetically, it looks the part, with a Cabernet wine-red finish accented with polished nickel trim and a black grill assembly. All components are designed and manufactured using the finest materials, yielding a seriously solid feel, superb structural integrity, and rugged reliability. ‘Rumble’ transmission from physical vibrations is prevented by internal shock-mounting on the capsule assembly.

Bonzo Bundle is available at Amazom.com for $399.00.

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