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Avantone Pro Bonzo Bundle pairs Kick Drum and MONDO Microphones

Avantone Pro has announced the availability of Bonzo Bundle, a kick drum microphone that effectively brings back to life a well-known extinct example by utilizing the affordable high-quality audio products producer’s reproduction ‘white cone’ low-frequency driver to capture lower frequencies than a standard dynamic microphone, giving kick drum sounds that still-sought-after subsonic signature. With Mondo, representing the very finest kick …

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A classic has come to Life again – Avantone Pro Kick Drum Microphone

Avantone Pro announces the availability of Kick – a so-called Sub-Kick drum microphone that brings a well-known classic back to life. Using a speaker as a sub-frequency recording microphone is nothing new – after all, the Beatles used this technique in May 1966 for their “paperback writer”. The Kick brings the boom from your instruments out to the forefront, making …

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