NAMM 2021: Yamaha shows MSP3A Powered Speaker

Yamaha launches the new MSP3A Powered Speaker at the NAMM 2021. Compared to the previous home sound systems, the loud speaker system surprises with a revised design and improved sound.

Yamaha MSP3A home sound systems

In a direct comparison to the previous model, the missing openings on the front are noticeable. Instead, the manufacturer relies on a twisted flare port, which not only makes them look simpler and more stylish but also delivers a more clearly defined bass. The twisted flare port reduces air turbulence on the sides of the port and thus stabilizes the connection between port and driver.

An internal amplifier with 22 watts supplies the 2.94-inch woofer and the 0.87-inch tweeter. According to Yamaha, the amplifier is precisely adapted to the speaker set and should provide the most natural sound possible.

With a height of 236 mm, a width of 144 mm, and a depth of 167 mm, the box corresponds exactly to the dimensions of its predecessor. The weight is now 3.6 kg, making the home sound systems 800 g lighter than the MSP3. It looks like easy portability and compact size continue to play an important role.

Yamaha MSP3A home sound systems

The accessories available make the Yamaha MSP3A suitable for various monitoring applications or installations. This is also reflected in the inputs: XLR, jack, and cinch – plus a 2-band EQ for room adjustments and two volume control on the front.

Yamaha MSP3A price and availability

The Yamaha MSP3A sound speaker is now available to pre-order on and websites for $199.99 only.

Recently, PreSonus has also updated its CDL12 two-way loudspeakers and adds a P (for “portable”) to the PreSonus CDL12P loud speaker is based on the manufacturer’s patent which combines point source and line array technology and is aimed at touring bands, mobile DJs, or installations in small to medium-sized locations, priced at $999.95.

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