Wampler Gearbox: Overdrive Pedal with Andy Wood Signature

The new Wampler Gearbox overdrive pedal combines two popular drives in one housing. It includes the Tumnus and Pinnacle circuits. Oh, and it’s the new signature Wampler pedals from country shredder Andy Wood. If that doesn’t sound promising!

Wampler Gearbox Overdrive Pedal

Okay, we admit: The name didn’t mean anything to us so far and we had to do a little internet training. Andy Wood is a guitarist, mandolinist, and songwriter who lets off steam across genres in rock, metal, fusion, country, and acoustic bluegrass alike.

He has played as a touring musician with artists such as Rascal Flatts and Sebastian Bach and has released three solo albums. With his skills, he also earned his own signature model from Suhr. That sounds like a player to us that is worth checking out.

But now back to Wampler pedals. After the manufacturer was able to score with extremely practical miniature versions of the RAT, Plexi, and ODR-1 circuits, it is now about a large housing again for a change. The Gearbox combines two quite different drive sounds that make the pedal suitable for a variety of gain requirements.

With the Tumnus on the right is the in-house clone interpretation (a transparent boutique overdrive from the 1990s). On the left is the good old Marshall Brownsound with the Pinnacle. Both circuits have been slightly revised in terms of the opportunity.

In addition to a 3-band EQ, the Pinnacle site also has a noise gate. This is sure to please hi-gain players! Each channel has its own volume and gain controls, and both can be switched in series. Conveniently, Wampler has donated a toggle switch to freely determine the order of the circuits.

As if that weren’t enough, both effects have separate inputs and outputs. You can even experiment with parallel signal paths with the help of a mixer. We like it very much! What do you all mean? With the two popular drive circuits combined in one pedal, the Gearbox could be a real hit, right?

Wampler Gearbox price and availability

The Wampler Gearbox Overdrive Pedal costs $269.97 and is now available to buy at the Amazon.com website.

Recently, the Orange – British amplifier manufacturer has introduced an Acoustic Guitar Pedal is a preamp for acoustic music instruments in the footstep format. It is based on the Acoustic Pre TC and the Crush Acoustic 30 and is priced at $169.

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