Orange Acoustic Pedal: Compact Professional Tool for Acousticians

The Orange Acoustic Guitar Pedal board is a preamp for acoustic music instruments in the footstep format. It is based on the Acoustic Pre TC and the Crush Acoustic 30.

orange acoustic guitar pedal board

The British amplifier manufacturer is probably best known for dirty rock sounds but has taken a look at the acoustic sound market from time to time in the recent past. Orange for Singer and Songwriter – Can That Work? The manufacturer already has an acoustic amplifier in its range. However, the Acoustic Pre Twin Channel is very large, contains a tube, and is expensive.

The brand new Acoustic Pedal, on the other hand, is a boiled-down and more affordable version with a more practical compact form factor. Mastermind Ade Emsley (Orange Technical Director) is aimed at all players who record directly into an audio interface or play in a PA.

The range of functions includes a JFET preamp with low noise levels, a 3-band EQ, a buffered FX-LOOP, and a balanced XLR output with a phase reversal switch. In order to counteract unpleasant feedback or to adjust the desired sound as precisely as possible, the mid-range is designed to be particularly sensitive with a notch filter and variable Q-factor.

In the explanatory video, the designer needs to emphasize that even a courageous boost in the treble does not lead to undesirable noise. Unfortunately, this is all too often the case with cheaper preamps. In general, the device should have a very low noise floor due to the circuit. That sounds very promising! The pedal is operated with 18 V, the scope of delivery includes a corresponding power supply unit. Praiseworthy!

Price and availability

The Orange Acoustic Guitar Pedal board costs $169 and it can be purchased through the website.

Last month, Eventide has introduced the MicroPitch Delay pedal offers a combination of two pitch shifters with fine-resolution de-tuning, delay, and modulation. Positive and negative envelope modulation sources have been added and priced at $279.

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