Sony ULT WEAR Quick Review

The Sony ULT WEAR, also known as the Sony WH-ULT900N, stands out in the under $200 category not just for its remarkable bass but also for its host of premium features. With the audio market expanding beyond budget models to offer a wide range of choices across various price points, consumers now have more options than ever. Particularly for those seeking over-ear headphones under $200, numerous brands cater to different preferences.

Sony has recognized the demand for headphones that cater to the vibrant, bass-heavy sound and has, therefore, responded by introducing the Sony ULT WEAR, a wireless noise-canceling model. Consequently, below, we present a thorough and quick review of the Sony ULT WEAR, inviting you, the reader, to explore its features. Moreover, we aim to show why it’s a compelling option in its price range, making it a choice worth considering.

Sony ULT WEAR Quick Review


The Sony ULT WEAR comes in a simple packaging design, predominantly showcasing the headset’s design and name, reminiscent of the Sony WH-1000XM4. However, it’s important to note that Sony has updated its packaging design with the WH-1000XM5.

Sony ULT WEAR review

Upon unpacking, you’ll find the headphones nestled inside a fabric-covered box, alongside an instruction manual. Conveniently, you can store all accessories within this box, which makes it easy for users to keep everything organized and portable.

Included with the Sony ULT WEAR are essential accessories: a Type-C charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable. Neatly placed in a dedicated compartment within the box, these ensure that you can easily access them without any hassle.


The Sony ULT WEAR shares a design similarity with the WH-1000XM4, featuring additional semicircular microphone strips on both ear sides. These modifications, Sony explains, enhance wind noise cancellation, ensuring clearer calls and music.

Sony ULT WEAR review

The headset boasts a robust headband, composed of a metal core encased in plastic. Its extendable joint designs accommodate a wide range of head shapes and sizes. A soft foam layer tops the headband, providing comfort for extended wear without discomfort to the scalp.

The ear cups offer flexibility, rotating, and folding for easy adjustment and storage. When folded, the headset fits neatly into its fabric case.

The ear cups, similar to previous models, introduce a dedicated control area. Uniquely, the Sony ULT WEAR includes a “ULT” button for bass adjustment, offering two additional bass-boosting modes and customizable settings.

Additionally, it features distinct Noise Canceling and Crosstalk switches for quick mode transitions without cumbersome steps. The design thoughtfully differentiates button shapes and sizes, preventing accidental presses.

Sony ULT WEAR review

For connectivity, the Sony ULT WEAR includes a Type-C charging port and a 3.5mm port for wired use with other devices.

Features and controls

The Sony ULT WEAR headset offers controls similar to the WH-1000XM4 and XM5 models, utilizing swipes and taps on the earcup for navigation. Double-tapping plays or pauses music, swiping vertically adjusts volume, and horizontal swipes skip tracks or return to previous ones.

Sony ULT WEAR review

A notable feature of the Sony ULT WEAR is its quick-activate Crosstalk. Placing your palm over the earcup instantly lowers the music volume and enables Crosstalk, allowing for brief conversations without removing the headset.

This model, designed with bass enthusiasts in mind, offers multiple bass modes. Two predefined ULT modes exist: one for deep bass and another for a more intense, powerful bass experience. Users seeking further customization can utilize the Sony Headphones Connect app to adjust settings, including Crosstalk mode, DSEE, Adaptive Sound Control, and control key functions.

Furthermore, the ULT mode complements the Clear Bass feature, which Sony claims allows for versatile bass adjustments without sound distortion or affecting other sound ranges. This ensures a quality listening experience tailored to individual preferences.

Sound quality

The Sony ULT WEAR features large 40mm drivers and supports LDAC over Bluetooth 5.2, ensuring top-notch sound quality with exceptional detail.

As a bass-focused headset, it naturally emphasizes lower frequencies. However, the bass does not overpower the audio spectrum; the mid and treble ranges remain clear and well-defined. From my initial impressions, the headset performs admirably across various audio content, but its multiple bass settings particularly enhance the experience when listening to energetic music or enjoying action-packed movies.

Battery life

The Sony ULT WEAR boasts a substantial battery life, offering up to 30 hours of playtime with noise canceling activated. This durability is quite impressive for headphones of this type. For those who prefer not to use noise canceling, switching to the default passive mode extends battery life significantly, up to 50 hours. This means you could use the headphones for an entire week without the need for recharging.

Final line

These headphones are available for approximately $198 on and £179 on They offer great value for those seeking high sound quality for lively music, movies, and entertainment. Their affordability makes them a compelling choice for those prioritizing both performance and price.

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