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Profoto A10 is a New Compact Studio Light with Bluetooth

As a further development of the A1X, the new Profoto A10 studio light has integrated AirX technology and Bluetooth and therefore can also be controlled with a smartphone. The compactness of the studio lights is identical, as is the light output with a flash of 76Ws and continuous light with LEDs. With AirX technology, the smallest of the Profoto devices enables true cross-device connectivity, both within …

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Profoto OCF II Light Shaping Tools to Create Astonish Photograph

Profoto, a Swedish manufacturer of photography studio lighting, has unveiled a new series of Profoto OCF II light shaping tools. The first OCF series is lightweight and was designed for the fastest possible assembly and disassembly. The new line will have the same properties to date. An OCF II honeycomb Grids with a set of color filters are suitable for …

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Profoto B10 Plus Compact Flash Capture Your Beauty with True Lighting

Outdoor shooting is related to decision-making. The most often it is an option: what equipment you have to take with you, and what to refuse. For example, the speed at a wedding is important, so do not take a slow working device. And if shooting will be in a remote place, then to think how much you can take. In …

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