Profoto OCF II Light Shaping Tools to Create Astonish Photograph

Profoto, a Swedish manufacturer of photography studio lighting, has unveiled a new series of Profoto OCF II light shaping tools. The first OCF series is lightweight and was designed for the fastest possible assembly and disassembly. The new line will have the same properties to date.

Profoto OCF II

An OCF II honeycomb Grids with a set of color filters are suitable for those photographers who like to experiment with light. It includes a holder for color filters and the grids, the honeycomb grids with a 10 ° to 20 ° angle, and color filters with warming effects. The holder quickly and reliably attaches to any Profoto remote flash thanks to a sturdy rubber band with a metal clip.

These new Profoto OCF II filters mount magnetically to the OCF II Grid and Gel Holder or the OCF II Barndoor and also designed for use with the B10, B10 Plus, and B1X lightings.

The grid also attaches magnetically to the OCF II Barndoor or the OCF II Grid and Gel Holder and can easily be stacked with OCF II gels. Great for a hair light or accent light, this grid creates the narrowest beam spread of the grids that Profoto offers.

The OCF II CTO Gel Filter – Full CTO, Half CTO, and Quarter CTO, allow you to balance artificial lighting with natural lightings, such as that observed at a golden hour or during incandescent lamps.

Profoto also offers OCF II Kit which includes 1 x Grid, and Gel Holder, 1 x 20° Grid, 1 x Full CTO Gel, and 1 x Half CTO filters.

Profoto Light Shaping Tools

Profoto OCF II Grid and Gel Holder are designed for quick and easy installation of light shaping tools. Thanks to the durable rubber band with a reliable metal clip, it easily attaches to any Profoto remote flash. Grids and color filters are installed on it in seconds. In addition, they can be combined with each other, achieving a variety of effects.

Profoto OCF II Barndoors is a compact light shaping tool that is perfect for photographers who often work outdoors. Thanks to a durable rubber band with a reliable metal clip, they are easily attached to any remote flash. Each of the four petals of the barndoors can be adjusted individually, which allows you to most accurately adjust the distribution of light.

The barndoors are made of durable fiberglass and metal. This makes them reliable and lightweight at the same time. In addition, OCF II color filters can be installed on barndoors, thereby further expanding their creative capabilities.

Profoto OCF II Snoot significantly eliminates spill light and creating a soft-edged circle that contracts as you move the light closer and widens as you move it further away. It is a cleverly-constructed modifier that folds flat for storage and transport in the included fabric bag.

It is very convenient to use it on an outdoor shooting. You can also install OCF II color filters on it using the holder for color filters and the OCF II grids. The Snoot mounts in seconds via the traditional Profoto rubber collar and metal clasp.

Price and availability

All new Profoto OCF II light shaping tools are now available to pre-order via the store and pricing starts from $69 only.

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