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Godox launches XProII-L TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Leica Cameras

Godox has released the new XProII-L TTL wireless flash trigger for Leica cameras (S, SL, SL2, M10, Q2, CL, and more). Designed for the Godox X 2.4GHz wireless radio system, the trigger allows flashes to be fired effectively and reliably from up to 100 meters away. This upgraded model is compatible with the Leica TTL system, including high-speed sync support …

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Godox SL300II Strong LED Video Light with 5600K and Bowens mount

With the SL300II daylight photography light, Godox is continuing its successful SL series – and the new camera flash light kit offers even more performance. The new Godox SL300II fits seamlessly into the existing SL product family and goes one better in terms of performance. With an impressive illuminance of 99,300 lux at one meter including the standard reflector, it …

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Godox LD75R, LD150RS, and LD150R LED Light Panels

Godox Flash has introduced three RGB LED panels: LD75R, LD150RS, and LD150R. The company produces a wide range of pulsed and continuous light, but powerful LED light panels are a new addition to the range. All LED panel light models offer CCT, RGB, HSI, and FX operating modes, and gel filter kits are available for light modification, including ROSCO and …

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Godox SL100D and SL100Bi Bi-Color LED Video Light for Budget Users

Godox has introduced two new LED video light models: the SL100D Day light and the SL100Bi Bi-Color. These Bi-Color and Daylight lamps are positioned as devices for the budget segment. Godox SL100D Daylight This LED video light has a fixed color temperature of 5600K Kelvin. The Daylight lamp has a declared CRI/TLCI rating of 96/97 and (adjustable from 0 to …

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Godox unveils World’s Smallest Strobe AD100Pro

Godox has released a new portable flash AD100Pro. Like other AD series strobes, the AD100Pro is 2.4GHz wireless and compatible with Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, and Sony cameras. Using Godox X wireless technology, the AD100Pro Godox flash can be used over 32 wireless channels in 5 groups. The wireless range is just under 100 m. The AD100Pro is …

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Godox A1 Mobile Flash Finally Gets Android App Support

Godox A1 Mobile Flash Android App

Godox had introduced a more professional imaging solution, called Godox A1¬†mobile flash fro the smartphones back in August last year. At the time of launch, only the iOS devices were supported to work with this mobile flash. It’s almost a year before Godox launches its Android app for the A1. But the Godox A1’s Android app is limited to some …

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