Godox launches XProII-L TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Leica Cameras

Godox has released the new XProII-L TTL wireless flash trigger for Leica cameras (S, SL, SL2, M10, Q2, CL, and more). Designed for the Godox X 2.4GHz wireless radio system, the trigger allows flashes to be fired effectively and reliably from up to 100 meters away.

Godox XProII-L TTL for Leica Cameras

This upgraded model is compatible with the Leica TTL system, including high-speed sync support up to 1/8000 second, and offers advanced control options for system-specific functions. For maximum reliability and control, users can set up 16 groups on one of 32 channels and then access 99 wireless ID settings to limit interference from other neighboring systems.

The new XProIIL establishes a connection between Godox devices and Leica cameras. The device allows you to control five different groups, supports remote manual control of flashes and Godox monolights, or controls them in TTL mode with the ability to make exposure compensation. Also, in the presence of modeling light, you can control it’s on / off.

Godox XProII-L TTL for Leica cameras price and availability

The retail price of the device is $129 and is already available to pre-order on the Bhphotovideo.com and Adorama.com online stores.

Earlier this year, Leica introduced the Leica M11 rangefinder camera, which has remained true to its basic concept and optical rangefinder system but is electronically upgraded to the state-of-the-art with a new sensor with three selectable resolutions. And it is priced at $8,995.

The new Leica M11 combines traditional rangefinder photography with the latest camera technology. The heart of the new M generation is a full-format BSI CMOS sensor with triple resolution technology. Raw files in DNG format or as JPEGs can be created with a resolution of 60, 36, or 18 megapixels. 60 megapixels stand for the Leica M‘s highest resolution of details and image quality, while the lower resolutions are preferably used for faster working with the camera, longer series of images, and smaller files.

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