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Yoshi for Nintendo Switch is based on Unreal Engine 4

Yoshi Nintendo Switch Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine Japan on its Twitter handle has confirmed that the Yoshi for Nintendo Switch will be based on the acclaimed Unreal Engine 4, which reconfirms its remarkable versatility. The decision to take advantage of Unreal Engine 4 is certainly apt, since the motion engine has optimal characteristics for games based on the perspective. In addition to that, Dana Cowley, …

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Rocket League Nintendo Switch Release Date, Price, Pre-orders and More

Rocket League Nintendo Switch

During the live streaming of Nintendo, Jeremy Dunham and Corey Davis announced that the Rocket League will be released on Nintendo Switch during the holiday season this year. Undoubtedly, the Rocket League Nintendo Switch version comes with exclusive customization items, specific battle-cars, cross-network play support, or the ability to challenge users with no platform limit. You can also find some …

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Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Trailer at E3 2017

Super Mario Odyssey gameplay

He could not miss the Super Mario Odyssey at E3 2017, Nintendo shows a new trailer dedicated to the most famous plumber’s adventure gaming universe and reveals different moments related to the gameplay. The Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch was first announced at its official event in January 2017. New Super Mario Odyssey gameplay trailer is focused heavily on …

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E3 2017: Spider-Man Release Date, Price, and Gameplay

Spider Man release date

The Sony E3 2017 conference closes with all new Spider-Man gameplay for PS4. The nearly ten minutes long Spider-Man trailer starts with Spider-Man helping William Fisk in return for information. Similar to Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter World, Spider Man 2017 for PS4 exclusive is also listed on the Amazon online store. The Spider-Man release date is set to December 29, …

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Monster Hunter World to Be Pre-orders for PS4 and Xbox One

Monster Hunter World

At the Sony’s E3 2017 conference, Capcom unveiled the Monster Hunter World and was seemed that the game will be dedicated exclusively to PlayStation 4, but its online listing on the Amazon store has confirmed that the game will also be available for Xbox One and PC. The online listing also revealed the Monster Hunter World release date is set …

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E3 2017: Bethesda announces Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

It is not an expansion, but a new stand-alone adventure set in the world of Dishonored and is called Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. The game trailer showed some awesome stealth-killing cinematic footage. From the title you may have guessed that this epic tale of revenge now goes to the doorstep of The Outsider, and that is why this DLC …

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