Sony LA-EA5: New adapter for A-Mount to E-Mount Mirrorless Cameras

With the LA-EA5, Sony brings a new adapter to use (D) SLR lenses with A-mount on the mirrorless Alpha models with E-mount. The new Sony adapter enables the use of advanced autofocus functions when using A-mount lenses on the latest Sony E mount cameras.

Sony LA-EA5

The adapter for A-mount full-frame lenses allows modern E-mount cameras from Sony to be combined with A-mount lenses without any problems. From September 2020, the focal-plane phase-detection AF will be supported when using SSM/SAM lenses on the following cameras: Alpha 7 III, Alpha 7R III, Alpha 7R IV, Alpha 6100, Alpha 6400, Alpha 6600, Alpha 9, Alpha 9 II, and Alpha 7S III. When using lenses without an integrated focus motor, the focal-plane phase-detection AF is supported on the Alpha 7R IV and Alpha 6600.

With the LA-EA5, photographers can use the latest autofocus and high-speed recording functions of current models with an E-mount bayonet connection even if they have A-mount SSM (Super Sonic Wave Motor) or SAM (Smooth Autofocus Motor) lenses) use. Likewise, when you adapt A-mount lenses without an integrated focus motor. STF lenses, on the other hand, can only be focused manually and A-mount teleconverters are not supported at all.

The Sony LA-EA5 enables the connection of an A-mount lens (here an AL85F14Z) ​​from the DSLR range to a mirrorless Alpha camera (here an Alpha 7R IV or ILCE-7RM4). In contrast to purely mechanical (third-party) lens adapters, the autofocus, lens control, and data transfer work with an LA-EA5.

If, for example, an Alpha 7R IV or Alpha 6600 – after updating to the latest firmware – is made using the LA-EA5 adapter with an SSM/SAM lens or a lens without its own focus motor (e.g. Sonar T * 1.8 / 135 millimeter ZA or the Planar T * 1.4 / 85 mm ZA), then fast series picture recordings including AF/AE tracking with up to 11 pictures per second are possible. The maximum series image speed is 10 photos per second (fps) for the Alpha 7R IV, Alpha 9, and Alpha 9 II and 11 fps for the Alpha 6600. (Depending on the lens attached, the series image speed can vary.)

The autofocus with phase detection in the focal plane with extensive coverage is fully supported. (Autofocus is not available when recording videos.)

A-Mount to E-Mount

The same applies to autofocus with real-time eye recognition for humans and animals, real-time tracking, and AF/AE tracking (automatic exposure). (AE tracking fixes the aperture for the first image, while the shutter speed and ISO are used to adjust the exposure.)

The Sony LA-EA5 has a compact design with an aperture drive and a newly developed, compact AF drive. In order to ensure comfortable handling when used with an E-mount camera, the new adapter has the same diameter as the A-mount and therefore is perfectly matched to its outer edge. The LA-EA5 is easy to use with full-frame E-mount cameras even when a vertical handle is attached to the camera.

Sony LA-EA5 price and availability

The new A-mount lens adapter Sony LA-EA5 is now available to pre-order via for $248 and will be available from October 29, 2020.

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