Atomos Shogun Ultra 8K screen recorder with AtomOS 11 operating system

Atomos has unveiled the Shogun Ultra, a cutting-edge camera recorder screen that boasts an array of new features under its updated operating system, AtomOS 11. Among its enhancements are the EL Zone exposure-linked color imaging, ARRI False Color, and fresh playback and scheduled recording tools.

Atomos Shogun Ultra 8K screen recorder price

This new Shogun Ultra model offers a broader range of standard codecs, including 8K Apple ProRes RAW, Apple ProRes, DNxHD, and the previously paid option, H.265.

Distinguishing itself from the Ninja line, the Shogun Ultra boasts a brilliantly bright 7-inch screen with 2,000 nits of brightness and fully integrated connectivity options. Its 12G-SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs enable cross-conversion, a feature not available in the Atomos Connect-equipped Ninja. Furthermore, the Shogun provides a multitude of power options, including an NP battery slot and a built-in 2.1mm locking DC input jack.

Designed for cinema cameras, the Shogun Ultra can record Apple ProRes RAW files up to 4K 60p and HD 60p in H.265, automatically matching file names, timecodes, and recording triggers from various camera models, including ARRI, Canon, RED, and Sony.

Additionally, it offers the flexibility to download H.265 videos at higher quality and bitrates, supporting faster frame rates and customizable options. These files strike a balance, being lightweight enough for camera-to-cloud workflows and yet of superior quality for immediate use in social media, sports reporting, or news gathering.

Atomos Shogun Ultra 8K screen recorder price

One of its standout features is Atomos RemoteView, a revolutionary technology enabling real-time screen sharing wirelessly to other Atomos monitors, iPads, Macs, and Apple TVs. This capability allows production teams to monitor on-set activities and view footage remotely from any connected camera, offering unprecedented flexibility at its price point.

Moreover, the Shogun Ultra ensures lower latency cloud connectivity and enhanced throughput through Wi-Fi 6E integration.

Shogun Ultra price and availability

For those interested in acquiring this cutting-edge technology, the Atomos Shogun Ultra 8K screen recorder is available for purchase on and at $1,199.

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Additionally, Atomos recently introduced the latest iterations of its Ninja series: the Ninja and Ninja Ultra. The 2023 Ninja model can handle video sources up to 6K30, while the Ultra model supports up to 8K30 with a 5-inch HDR screen. Both models record ProRes RAW and are compatible with nearly all cameras worldwide, starting at $599.

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