Gigabyte’s Aorus Gen5 12000 SSD Surpasses 12GB/s

Gigabyte has unveiled its latest innovation, the Aorus Gen5 12000 SSD, featuring the Phison PS5026-E26 controller and 3D TLC NAND memory. This SSD boasts remarkable speeds, potentially reaching up to 12,400 MB/s, ensuring exceptional performance even under continuous usage.

Gigabyte Aorus Gen5 12000 SSD price

SSDs have undoubtedly revolutionized the hardware industry over the last two decades. Unlike traditional hard drives, flash memory allows significantly faster data transfer rates and a more compact design. The standard SSDs found in modern game consoles are much smaller and considerably faster than their 2.5-inch counterparts.

Gigabyte’s Aorus Gen5 12000 SSD is hailed as one of the fastest in the market. According to the manufacturer, this SSD promises exceptionally high data transfer rates, although the actual speed depends on the specific model. For instance, the 1,000-gigabyte model achieves sequential read speeds of 11,700 MB/s and write speeds of 9,500 MB/s.

The larger variant of this SSD boasts impressive reading speeds of almost 12,400 MB/s and writing speeds of 11,800 MB/s, hovering just below the 12 GB/s threshold. It’s worth noting that such high data transfer rates are rarely utilized in everyday PC tasks, as these speeds are typically relevant for moving large files, a scenario less common in typical usage.

This M.2 2280 SSD connects through four PCIe 5.0 lanes, utilizing the NVMe 2.0 protocol to achieve these incredible data transfer rates. Gigabyte has equipped the Aorus Gen5 12000 SSD with the M.2 Thermal Guard Xtreme, a heat sink measuring 44.7 x 92 millimeters and 23.5 millimeters in height.

This heatsink ensures efficient cooling, preventing throttling during prolonged usage. The manufacturer claims that the temperature remains below or at 60 °C for five minutes, although the specifics of the test scenario remain undisclosed. However, it’s worth mentioning that this heat sink isn’t compatible with several mainboards, including Gigabyte’s own Mini-ITX models.

Gigabyte Aorus Gen5 12000 SSD price and availability

The Aorus Gen5 12000 SSD is available for purchase, starting at $159.99 for the 1TB version and $269.99 for the 2TB model. Interested buyers can find it on,, and

Meanwhile, Corsair has recently introduced its latest DDR5 gaming RAM series, Dominator Titanium, specifically designed for high-performance PCs. These modules offer various options, ranging from 32GB to an impressive 192GB, with clock frequencies reaching up to 7200 MHz.

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