Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Review: Better Than Imagination, Macro Camera Surprised

After the Samsung A12 smartphone unboxing and first impression, and today, we used its camera to capture a wide range of things from the landscape. So, we will show the set of pictures taken with this smartphone through the Samsung Galaxy A12 camera review.

Samsung Galaxy A12 review

Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Specs

Before sharing, we would like to take a look at the camera parameters of the Samsung A12. The device is equipped with Four cameras, including:

  • 48MP Main Camera
  • 2MP Macro sensor allows for close-up shots, focusing at a distance of 3 – 5 cm
  • 5MP ultra-wide-angle sensor
  • 2MP depth sensor

Let’s see what four cameras can capture!

We are in a small garden, which is now almost twenty years old. Here we saw the plant of dragon beans, yet it did not bear much fruit but the flowers were purple. The Galaxy A12’s Quad camera accomplishes this task quite well.

Samsung Galaxy A12 review

Below trellis is inhabited by many different types of flowers and insects. We were lucky that we got a chance to capture a spider web with the macro lens of the Samsung A12. When we saw the photo we were very surprised every detail appeared very sharp.

Samsung Galaxy A12 review

Luckily, we sometimes get a shot of a fly sitting on a leaf, which you can see above here. It must be said that it was good because we pressed on the fly with the macro camera, so we got a very stable shot. Maybe you know that you are taking a picture, so you should keep calm and capture an image. Once again, the Galaxy A12’s macro camera did not disappoint.

We switched to using the main camera to record the garden. The Galaxy A12’s camera gives a fast shutter speed, so when you angle the standard, get a beautiful picture just by pressing the shutter.

Samsung Galaxy A12 review

This set of photos is predominantly green, purple, and yellow, and in general, the Galaxy A12 offers quite refreshing colors. Because we took a picture in the morning with beautiful sunlight, the image quality is very much liked by the eyes.

In the afternoon, we went out on the road to take pictures. We don’t use a wide-angle lens to shoot because the main lens is wide enough for our needs.

Samsung Galaxy A12 review

Seeing the sun coming down, we again picked up the camera. It is said that “photography is better at the moment”, although not excellent, we love the moment captured by the Samsung Galaxy A12.

Vehicles, tall buildings, noisy, no mist on the road, so the climate and the sky is also clear. The layout is not very standard, but everything is peaceful. Look at the sky color, good job Galaxy A12!

Samsung Galaxy A12 review

As we said above, the sky was blue all the time, so it forms the opposite of seawater. We put the subject in the middle as a border to neutralize colors. There is no zoom lens, so it is impossible to get close to the subject on the other side, but shooting with the lens is often enough to capture the angle of the sky.

Sunset is the scenery that anyone would like to capture in their camera. But alas the day we went to take pictures, the sky was cloudy and covered the sun so that we could not see the sunset. The photo is backlit, slightly edited to fit the eye.

Final line

Samsung Galaxy 12 own Quad-cameras, but our needs are satisfied with only 2 lenses. The main camera and the macro camera we used more than the rest, especially the macro camera, had unexpectedly good quality. After post-production, image detail remains unchanged.

When the photos are zoomed in on the phone, all the details are visible from afar, so the Samsung A12, which is priced around $200 on, and $179 on, is suitable for those who are fond of “taking pictures”.

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