Samsung Galaxy A12 Unboxing, Hands-On, and First Impression

The Samsung Galaxy A12, which was launched a few days ago, is in our hands today. It can be said that this is the phone that Samsung gives us a good configuration and many interesting features. In today’s article, we will work with the Samsung A12 to refer you.

samsung galaxy a12 review

Samsung Galaxy A12 with a simple design and 6.5-inch Screen

First of all, we will first open the box of the Samsung Galaxy A12! A quick glance at the box, layout, and design are still bold with familiar Samsung white tones. We are probably very familiar with the style of box design that goes through the years.

samsung galaxy a12 review

Our main character Samsung Galaxy A12 comes under that box. Underneath the device is definitely the charger, the white charging cable featured on Samsung’s mid-range or affordable products, and the SIM stick in the middle. The Galaxy A12 has a 15W charger and a distinctive white USB-C charging cable.

Returning to the Samsung Galaxy A12, perhaps the phone’s appearance is not very important compared to its Galaxy A series brothers. But the device still makes a good impression with a simple and user-friendly design language as other devices in the same price range.

samsung galaxy a12 review

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A12 is even more prominent, with the upper part divided into two separate design parts, the upper one being scratched and very attractive, giving the phone a strong look. Also, the bottom of the device is sleeker and darker, so the appearance of the Samsung A12 is very different.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 has a 6.5-inch screen with Full HD+ resolution, although it is not equipped with Samsung’s signature Super AMOLED screen, with PLS TFT LCD panel, it still gives us true color. Nice, fine details, especially high brightness.

Due to the plastic finish, the overall device is very lightweight. Although this device has a 6.5-inch screen with the same 20:9 aspect ratio, which can be said to be slightly larger in terms of width, we can still use it comfortably with one hand.

samsung galaxy a12 review

The Samsung Galaxy A12 has an 8 MP selfie camera with an infinity-V design. Although this design looks old and not very trendy, it won’t affect our screen experience much.

The right edge of the Samsung Galaxy A12 is equipped with a fingerprint sensor with a power button. If you are a right-handed user then it will be a bit difficult for you to use this fingerprint sensor but you will not take long to get used to it.

Right edge up and down of Galaxy A12 with power and volume button. The top edge is completely empty with only the recording mic, and the lower edge with 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C port, and external speaker.

samsung galaxy a12 review

As we said, the back of the device stands out and is thick with a two-layer design of different colors, so the feeling of holding the phone is not slippery and we’re not afraid of dirt and fingerprints. In addition, the back of the device is even more prominent with the Quad-camera module located in the right corner of the device.

We really like the class of Quad-camera design on the Samsung Galaxy A12 as it looks well-balanced, compact, and more eye-catching than the vertical rectangular camera cluster. Thanks to this, the rear of the A12 is much cleaner and much more elegant.

While referring to the camera, be sure to mention a little bit about the parameters. In terms of camera specs, the Samsung Galaxy A12 camera has the following features:

samsung galaxy a12 review
  • 48 MP main camera (wide angle) resolution, f/2.0 aperture, 26mm focal length.
  • Super wide-angle camera with 5 MP resolution, f/2.2 aperture, 123 viewing angle.
  • The depth camera supports a 2 MP resolution, f/2.4 aperture.
  • Macro camera with 2MP resolution, f/2.4 aperture.

Because Galaxy A12 is equipped with Four cameras to give users access and give them a more enjoyable shooting experience with many different lens options and modes.

With a 5,000 mAh battery, Samsung Galaxy A12 will run smoothly throughout the day

It can be said that the Galaxy A series always provides a large battery capacity to our users and the usage time is very impressive. As a member of the A-series, the Samsung A12 has a 5,000 mAh battery. In the low-cost phone segment, there are quite a few devices that are equipped with 5,000 mAh batteries like the A12.

With this battery, the Samsung Galaxy A12 will give us a comfortable time in 1 day with many tasks such as surfing the web, watching YouTube, shopping online, or playing many other lightweight games.

samsung galaxy a12 review

In addition, users will feel more secure when the device is equipped with a 15 W fast charger to shorten the charging time, so there will not much worry about waiting all day to fully charge a device. With such battery capacity. We think it will take about two and a half hours to fully charge the battery.

Samsung Galaxy A12 with Helio G35

Our Samsung Galaxy A12 will be equipped with an Helio G35 chip, which comes with 4 GB or 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory. It can be said with the Helio G35, the Galaxy A12 will not have much performance, but can still give us a stable experience with daily tasks or games currently playable in the market.

Unlike other mid-range devices with only 64 GB of internal memory, the Samsung Galaxy A12 will default to 128 GB of storage, moreover, if it is not enough, you have an expandable with a microSD memory card.

Final line

The Samsung Galaxy A12 is an impressive device with an affordable price of only $179 on and, you will get an attractive device like the 5,000 mAh battery that comes with 15 W fast charging, 4 cameras with 48 MP resolution, user-friendly design, excellent and iconic Samsung branding.

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy A12? Please leave your comments below. Thank you for taking the time to follow the article.

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