New AirPods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro: Choose Between or An Additional Option

Apple has launched new AirPods Pro with a price of $250 in the same segment with Powerbeats Pro will make many people hesitant. We regularly use Powerbeats Pro during gym or sports every day, and today we switched to new Apple AirPods Pro to try and share some of our experiences with you.


Both AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro are equipped with an H1 chip and have the “Hey Siri” feature which we discussed a lot in the past. It is Apple’s latest and smartest chip currently equipped on true wireless earbuds to help ensure its ability to transmit, connect as well as manage battery. On AirPods Pro, the H1 chip also handles the noise cancelling part of the headset.

New noise cancelling AirPods Pro changes the design to in-ear with rubber tips included for better sound insulation. Switching to an in-ear design not only enhances noise protection, but it also helps sound better than the traditional design of AirPods.

Water-resistance is something many customers want to have on AirPods and are now available on AirPods Pro. With IPX4 water resistance, both the Powerbeats Pro and AirPods Pro give users peace of mind during sports as well as in everyday use.



However, despite the in-ear design, the Powerbeats Pro with an orientation for sports subjects should have an additional earhook to help hold the ear more. Additional earhooks help to participate in sports activities without losing earphones.

New AirPods Pro with an in-ear design will definitely stick more ears than its predecessors and will also feel good simultaneously. Although having more ears, but certainly one thing compared to Powerbeats Pro, this could not be equal when participated in strong movements like boxing and jumping. If the moderate intensity of movement, Apple assured that AirPods Pro is no longer easy to fall off like older AirPods (Review is here) anymore.

Adaptive EQ and Active Noise Cancelling Airpods

These are clearly the two features Apple has reserved for AirPods Pro that we mentioned in this article. The in-ear design of Powerbeats Pro itself also limits the noise of the external environment. Of course, comparing the noise cancelling with the AirPods Pro will be very lame. In addition, AirPods Pro is also equipped with other intelligent features such as Adaptive EQ to ensure the best sound quality for each person’s ear.


New AirPods Pro is equipped with a force sensor instead of a sensor like on AirPods. The reason is that sensors on AirPods are often replaced by microphones from transceivers to handle noise. The pressure sensor offers a completely different experience than the previous true wireless earbuds we’ve used. Compared to pressing the hard buttons on the Powerbeats Pro, it is obviously a lot better.

Battery life and Wireless Charging

The 9-hour battery life is an undeniable strong point of the PowerBeats Pro. This battery life helps those who play sports especially for a long time like jogging to use without worrying about running out of battery anymore. Powerbeats Pro has a battery life of 4.5 hours only when noise canceling is turned on, if turn off, it will last longer.

Fortunately, the total usage time is up to 24 hours with both charging cases. For $249, the AirPods Pro comes with wireless charging, while the Powerbeats Pro doesn’t. At a time when wireless charging is becoming increasingly popular, Powerbeats Pro does not have the feature that it is also minus points compared to its juniors.


PowerButs Pro has a strong and vibrant sound quality, which is good for any sportsperson – Detailed review is here.

Thanks to the in-ear design of the AirPods Pro for fuller bass, but compared to the Powerbeats Pro, it could not be equal. In return, it will have a more spacious sound quality which will be suitable for listening to different genres.

Final line

At final, we can easily see Powerbeats Pro clearly for those who love sports. A lean design, with a large charging case, will obviously make you feel uncomfortable if you use it daily.

Powerbeats Pro addresses the shortcomings of AirPods, but is not a replacement for new AirPods Pro or competing with Powerbeats Pro, this is simply a mid-range version that only helps to have an additional choice from Apple.

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