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5 Best True Wireless Earbuds 2020: Buy in May

Huawei freebuds with airpods

It is interesting to note how the world of headphones has rapidly evolved in recent years, leading to a differentiation of these accessories into different sub-categories, a symptom that the needs of us end users have become increasingly specific. The so-called true wireless is among the most visible and, perhaps, also among the most desired: truly wireless, excellent battery life, …

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New Firmware Update for the Apple AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro Roll out

Apple has recently released a new firmware update for its truly wireless earbuds AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro devices. In both cases there is no information on the innovations introduced, therefore it should be improvements related to the performance and stability of the connection. For AirPods Pro is the second remote upgrade of approximately one month from the previous year, …

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New AirPods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro: Choose Between or An Additional Option

Apple has launched new AirPods Pro with a price of $250 in the same segment with Powerbeats Pro will make many people hesitant. We regularly use Powerbeats Pro during gym or sports every day, and today we switched to new Apple AirPods Pro to try and share some of our experiences with you. Similarities Chip H1 IPX4 waterproof In-ear design …

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