Powerbeats Pro Review: Great for Sports, but not convenient for daily use

Powerbeats Pro is the in-ear wireless headphones that power us over new generation AirPods. This was launched back in April this year and was officially sold from May 3, however, this product quickly run out of stock on all fronts and we had to struggle a lot for more than a month to get it started. So is it really fascinating for Fire or is it Apple’s selling game? Let’s check it out in the Powerbeats Pro review below.

Not convenient for daily use

As we mentioned, after several weeks of use, We realized that Powerbeats Pro is not convenient for daily use and the reason is due to product design. Powerbeats Pro owns the most massive size currently in the world of true wireless headphones. This leads to the result that the charging case of the product is also commensurate and very big. We have a hard time keeping it in a jeans pocket, and even if we can fit it in a pocket, it will be very annoying when we stand up and sit down. Our general suggestion is that if possible, keep it in a backpack.

Apart from the large size, it is not convenient to put the headset in the charging case even with a magnet. The reason for this comes to design and, generally, we have to struggle a bit to get our headphones in. Another minus point comes from design, which is a fixed ear hook part of the product. This part helps the earpiece stick well to the ear during operation, but because it is fixed, it is not suitable for everyone. If Apple had made this frame possible to tweak it would have been very good. This ear hook will also cause some inconvenience to those who wear glasses. In addition, if you wear it on the street and wear spectacles, then every time you remove the spectacles, it is very easy to get stuck.

Due to its large size, if you wear a Powerbeats Pro to drive a bike, it will be difficult with the full-face helmet. If you wear an open face helmet, then it will be caught by wind because these big earbuds will become a wind catcher. It also affects the quality of the conversation with both the speaker and the listener. Apple is also stingy when only equipped with all the hard keys for its products.

Large size like Powerbeats Pro, if equipped with sensors, the operation will certainly be more accurate and delicious. Not to mention the price of up to $250, it is clear that Apple is demonstrating his ability to suck blood very cleverly because of cutting features compared to AirPods but still selling at a higher price.

One problem is that we do not know why there are errors in displaying the battery status in PowerBoots Pro. This problem occurs only when we unpaired to connect to a new device. In general, this is not a big problem because the headset is a personal device and will usually be owned by everyone, so be assured.

Sometimes we also have an incorrect display status of the logo between AirPods and Powerbeats Pro, as if listening with AirPods, but the image displayed in the connection section is Powerbeats Pro, the reason we think maybe because of both equipped with H1 chip should kick over a bit again. This does not affect the user process at all and we think Apple will soon fix the bug in the next update.

Great for Sports

The latest Beats wireless headphones and also Apple, Powerbeats Pro are equipped with the latest H1 chip and of course, there are definitely cool features available on new AirPods like Hey Siri, Live Listen, and Fast switching between iCloud devices is also available.

These are Apple-specific features for your ecosystem and there have been many previous posts, so we won’t say it again. However, unlike AirPods, Powerbeats Pro is a stand-alone headset from the Beats brand, which means that people who use other operating systems from Android, Windows, or whatever device can be connected as long as Bluetooth connectivity available.

Powerbeats Pro is also equipped with a sensor that makes it possible to recognize when it is removed from the ear so that the music is automatically stopped. This is a convenient feature while helping users to manage and save batteries. So, except for the specific features of the Apple house, if you don’t have to use the Apple devices, you can rest assured that it will also connect and operate similarly to other true wireless headphones.

Since switching over, use true wireless headphones with two compact earplugs like MTW. We have not used Powerbeats like designing headphones so far. However, as long as we do not put it in our ears, we have to admit that Apple designs its product properly, which helps to stick the product very well with the ears, although it is big, but yet it ensures the aesthetics of users, are not gimmicky.

This design is not only beautiful but also feels good to wear, although as mentioned above is not for everyone but once worn it is very good. Best Fit is also a plus point for Powerbeats Pro, most true wireless headphones need to turn around a little bit to find a good pair of tips as well as a suitable angle, Powerbeats Pro Extreme easy to fit. It makes it possible for the headphones are comfortable, as well as ensure soundproofing with the surrounding environment.

We usually wear Powerbeats every day for about 2 hours every time I play sports. Powerbeats Pro feels more confident, not low on fear of falling back and forth like wearing AirPods or other true wireless earbuds. Equipped with water resistance, but Apple hid the fact that its product can actually be water-resistant on any scale.

In terms of sound quality, although there is information that Powerbeats Pro can be equipped with the same driver as AirPods, we can be assured that the sound quality is completely devoid of any relative.

We emphasize this because of the sound quality of both of them is almost the opposite. Possessing a rich, clear voice, powerful bass and spacious space, Powearbeats Pro literally means headphones for those who love EDM, vibrant music such as RnB, Rap or even Epic.

Bass is clearly his strongest point, the merit here is that the bass does not overwhelm other bands but is very tense and energetic. Quick bass gives a very good experience to well-coordinated EDM genres. This situation still occurs in some cases on Powerbeats Pro, but it is negligible for us.

The Powerbeats Pro center is plentiful, warm and easy to hear. If compared with new Airpods, we reviewed recently, the Powerbeats Pro has a slightly less audible, but clear in sound quality.

In addition, thanks to the extensive soundstage, the bass, though violent, still has enough space to perform, but if the substance is high, it may overwhelm everyone. We mostly played the EDM music during sports so we don’t really care about the mid and treble at all, but sometimes try to play the songs of Justin Moore or Chris Young we also feel warm.

Powerbeats Pro possesses V Shape sound quality, so it is not difficult to realize that both bass and treble have been clearly expressed. As a result, the effects of electronic tracks are well expressed, clear and growing. Apart from this, if you play sports, but the vocal is very low, then you will easily lose the mood.

Final line

In short, what are the advantages and disadvantages we have mentioned above? If you want to buy sports headphones, then Powerbeats Pro is a better option at $249.95: Amazon | Bhphotovideo.

However, if you buy to use for daily purposes, then it is clear that there are many reasons for you to consider carefully before buying. Obviously, Apple is also very smart in it, if you have both AirPods and Powerbeats Pro, you can say that this is integrity.

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