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Apple PowerBeats Pro in Four New Colors: Pre-Order Open

After the rumors of the past few days, the official arrives: Apple has released four new colors of the Powerbeats Pro. As expected, these are the Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink, Lava Red, and Glacier Blue color variants. The hardware features of these earphones remain mainly unchanged, intended primarily for a more “sporty” audience. Price and availability Beats by Dr. Dre …

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Apple’s PowerBeats Pro in Four New Colors: Coming Soon

Apple is working on new colors for its PowerBeats Pro. It appears that WinFuture has managed to get first official images of the Beats PowerBeats Pro through their contacts. They are a bit more lively colors than those we have seen so far, even a certain stylistic uniformity is clearly perceptible. Here are photos and names: Lava Red Cloud Pink …

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New AirPods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro: Choose Between or An Additional Option

Apple has launched new AirPods Pro with a price of $250 in the same segment with Powerbeats Pro will make many people hesitant. We regularly use Powerbeats Pro during gym or sports every day, and today we switched to new Apple AirPods Pro to try and share some of our experiences with you. Similarities Chip H1 IPX4 waterproof In-ear design …

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Apple Enhances the Battery of Powerbeats Pro: New Promotional Video

Apple has released a new promotional video dedicated to the second generation Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones was announced back in April this year. The short video clip was published on the official YouTube channel of the Cupertino company, the battery of the true wireless earphones is highlighted through the narration of the “Zero Dark Project”, a relay that 7 runners …

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Apple launches Beats’ new Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Apple Powerbeats Pro

After the second generation of AirPods (Review), Apple also announced the second generation of Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones that will be on sale starting next May for $249.95. Like the AirPods 2, even the new Powerbeats Pro integrates the H1 chip which, in addition to allowing greater efficiency and more stable connectivity, also allows you to call up the …

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