FotodioX Pro Fusion AF Adapter for Canon EF-S to Leica L-Mount: Price, Availability

Fotodiox has announced the release of its new FotodioX Pro Fusion Smart AF Adapter for Canon EF-S Lenses to Leica L-Mount. It comes with a built-in Fusion technology that enables electronic communication and control between lens and camera.

FotodioX Pro Fusion AF Adapter

The adapter restores automated functions on most lenses such as auto-focus, aperture control, image stabilization and more with compatible lenses. It has a solid all-metal construction with chrome-plated brass mounts for secure and solid fit; the lens has no play, gap or wiggling when mounted on adapter and no adjustments required.

Fotodiox adapter is designed to offer an inexpensive system that allows for the use of a vast range of lenses. This adapter system is particularly useful for mounting tilt/shift and other specialty lenses not available in the native format to the entire range of cameras, providing for an inexpensive alternative for photographers and videographers alike.

The Fusion lens adapter enables EXIF and aperture data to be transmitted to and controlled by the camera. Different lenses may exhibit different operating characteristics depending on lens age and manufacturer.

The adapter now also includes a micro USB port to allow for future firmware updates. It enables autofocus, aperture control, image stabilization, and more. Although the adapter will allow you to mount any Canon EF lens, not all lenses will perform the same.

Canon EF-S to Leica L-Mount

The function button on this adapter will turn off all electronic communication so that manual lenses can be used properly on L-mount cameras. So, you can take advantage of your camera’s automated functions as well as IS and EXIF data from compatible lenses. Fotodiox Pro adapters feature all-metal, no plastic construction to create a secure connection between your glass and camera that will not degrade over time, keeping the lens-camera connection secure with every use.

Price and Availability

FotodioX Pro Fusion Smart AF Adapter for Canon EF-S Lenses to Leica L-Mount has been priced at $179.95, comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, and is currently available for purchase over online store.

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