Razer Viper Mini Review: Ultralight Gaming Mouse in Budget

The Razer Viper Mini was announced last month is a smaller, cheaper version of the original Viper. This Razer gaming mouse model is aimed at people with small hands or those who like to hold paws, fingers, and prefer to use lighter and smaller Razer mice for a better sense of control.

Razer Viper Mini Review

The Razer Viper Mini Ultralight hits the Gaming Mouse segment – a segment that has a lot of participating firms. It can be called Razor’s lightest and cheapest gaming mouse at the moment. We are using the original Viper and comparing you to visualize it easily: dropping the two together, the Viper is about 1 cm shorter, narrower and slightly higher than the Viper Mini. This design makes it easy for people with small hands, especially for girls, and the high back of the mouse is an essential element to control this Razer mouse comfortably even when you need to rest your hands.

The Viper Mini weighs 61g and is 8g lighter than the Viper range, the feeling of holding it is much lighter and the difference between the two versions is very clear. If you are holding a mouse weighing over 100 g, when you hold Viper Mini, your hand will not feel anything at all. The button system has been changed, such as the DPI button located between the two main mouse buttons.

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The two right-side keys are omitted, the standard Viper needs two right-side keys so we can quickly adjust DPI or program other functions. The left-side keys are more protruding and easier to press than the standard Viper version. The Razer logo on the back of the mouse is no longer submerged under plastic, so the Viper Mini’s lighting effect will be more beautiful than that of the Viper. In addition, the Viper Mini has a chassis range while the Viper does not.

Underneath, the Viper Mini is equipped with the same foot system as the Viper, but our observation is that these new FPTE feet are thicker than the feet on a standard Viper. Razer says it is almost 1 mm thick and at this angle, you can clearly see the thickness. The Razer Viper Mini does not have a fast profile switcher like Viper. Although it still has a built-in memory, we can customize the DPI adjustment button to a profile adjustment button. The rest we see Viper Mini and Viper is no different, the cable is still a SpeedFlex type with high flexibility and low friction.

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The two main mouse buttons are still equipped with Optical switch, providing faster response and durability than traditional mechanical switches as well as reducing the risk of double-clicking. The clicking feeling of the two main mouse buttons on the Viper Mini makes us feel exactly like the standard Viper from the journey, from bounce to the click sound. So even though it’s a miniature version, the Razer still has a very valuable optical switch on the Viper Mini, which is a commendable point. Unlike many companies that usually have cheaper hardware for smaller versions.

In terms of sensors, the Viper Mini is equipped with an 8500 DPI optical sensor – We checked that this is the PixArt PMW3359 and almost the Viper Mini is the only mouse model to use this sensor. Obviously this sensor is not comparable with Focus+ (PMW3399) on Razer high-end mouse lines, but this equipment we think is enough. Not only is it a price reduction, but a small and light mouse as well as a high-speed sensor or high DPI too. Do you need a DPI of up to 20,000? We think rarely, we personally only use the maximum level of 3200.

The speed of this sensor is 300 IPS, which is very fast and gamers will usually be satisfied with this speed. IPS is an indicator of concern. If you have a habit of flicking your mouse quickly at low DPI, it shows that the mouse’s eye can still track the exact position of the mouse when the mouse is 300 inches / second or 7.62 m. / Sec.

However, we have a little suggestion after trying this Razer mouse to play the Paladins game which is the default lift-off of this mouse. Lift-off can be understood as the distance when you lift the mouse, causing the sensor to stop tracking. This is a common operation when playing games, such as after each flick, lift the mouse and bring it back to the center of the mousepad. A high lift-off will cause you to lift the mouse to make sure the sensor stops the track, the cursor stops jumping. We’re going to the Synapse, Razer mouse software calibration and drag the Lift-off range down to as low as 1 or you can choose the right mouse pad to use for automatic weighing.

Final line

Who is the Razer Viper Mini for? It has been priced at $39.99 only and it can be purchased through the Amazon.com online store. The Viper Mini’s lightweight and compact size is suitable for you to use for high-precision tasks or thanks to controls. As noted at the beginning of the review, those who have small hands or have a habit of holding paws or fingers while playing games. If you are looking for the high-end model than the DeathAdder V2 (Review) gaming mouse from Razer is the right mouse series to start by the easy-to-hold mouse form, both large and small hands can be used.

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