Dell Vostro 5590 Review: Powerful Specs, Smooth With Every Function

Today, the laptop we review for you is the Dell Vostro 5590 i5-10210U. Although the design is not very excellent, but with the Core i5-10210U configuration, we believe the game experience and task will be smoother than ever. After a period of time to have the opportunity to experience, we have extracted some advantages and disadvantages (through personal feelings) of this Dell Vostro Laptop:


  • Performance is smooth enough to play games (with relative configuration).
  • Integrated fingerprint sensor on power key.
  • Effective heat dissipation.


  • Design has not brought a breakthrough.
  • Moderate battery life
dell vostro 5590 review

Before stepping into the Dell Vostro 5590 review, we would like to briefly remind you of the order of the article for you to follow. After experiencing with Dell Vostro 5590, we feel that the configuration / performance and design are two factors that are always interested by readers.

Therefore, in this Dell Vostro 5590 review, we will follow the following order: Configuration / performance – Overall design – Display – Keyboard / touchpad – Heatsink – Sound – Battery life.

Configuration and Performance

Before assessing the details of the performance that Dell Vostro 5590 brings, we reiterate the specifications of this Dell Vostro Laptop:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 Gen 10 10210U
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4 2666 MHz
  • Hard drive: 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Integrated graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics
dell vostro laptop

To evaluate the configuration and performance of the Dell Vostro 5590 Core i5, we used Geekbench 5 software and measured the average score. When running the CPU, we will get a single core score of 487 points, while the multi-core score is 1,911 points.

When running the performance of the Dell laptop, we get an average score of nearly 4,200 points and 4,999 points in particular. According to our personal view, with this performance score, you can experience a fairly stable game and use common tasks (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, …) smoothly.

Not only that, from surfing Facebook, watching YouTube or using Photoshop, it will be easy and within the capabilities of Dell Vostro 5590 so you can rest assured.

At the same time, we also used the CrystalDiskMark software to measure the read and write speed of a 256GB SSD. The result is an SSD with a read speed of 2,246 MB / s and a write speed of 709 MB / s. In our opinion, with this configuration, you can play games like League of Legends or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds along with the softwares such as Photoshop, Lightroom …

Real experience suggests that the Dell Vostro 5590 with League of Legends and Photoshop gives us a better experience by allowing us to open more than 20 tasks at the same time. However, if you open more than 30 tasks or Lightroom software, the laptop will experience lag phenomenon.

We also tried and experience the League of Legends, the result is a lag, it will occur less frequently during the game if you configure the relative level, with a maximum FPS of 60. Meanwhile, as you can see the laptops’s FPS ranges from 51-62 FPS, but sometimes it fluctuates to 42 FPS or even 38 FPS.


For Dell, besides smooth configuration, the design is the second highlight. It is easy to see that Dell really cares for the appearance of the Dell Vostro 5590, making the device a good impression in the eyes of fans.

Dell Vostro 5590 Core features a simple yet sophisticated design. Why do we say that? As you can see, the laptop is clad in a silver metallic case, so that the device looks attractive at first sight.

In the middle of the huge silver space is the black Dell logo. With this striking color, Dell confirms to users that: “This is a Dell product.” When placed in direct sunlight, the beauty of Dell Vostro 5590 is more evident than ever. If you love the simple?, simple is here, Dell Vostro 5590 can meet that.

Although considered in terms of a new user approach, we appreciate the beautiful design, but if compared to other laptop manufacturers, the design of this Dell Vostro Laptop has a “setback”. For example, some mid-range products have been entirely furnished with metal, angled designs with more sophisticated edges.

Despite its beautiful design, we have yet to see a point of interest in the appearance of the Dell Vostro 5590. Meanwhile, the laptop retains a rounded angular design and does not have many neatly trimmed edges.

We don’t know about you, but for our personal experience, this design makes us feel very uncomfortable. Regarding the ports, right next to the left you will see, Dell Vostro 5590 has a power port, HDMI port, 2x USB ports and a USB Type-C port.

On the right side, Dell Vostro 5590 has a MicroSD card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port and finally the LAN port. The speakers are located on the bottom and close to the edges of both left and right sides.

Whether you are a student or an office worker, the Dell Vostro 5590 can handle it. According to our assessment during the past experience, the laptop offers a lot of sympathy thanks to the balance in the overall design to the powerful configuration.

Objectively speaking, the Dell Vostro 5590 is comfortable for tasks, gaming, or working experience. Besides, although the design does not have many noticeable accents, in a certain angle, we see Dell is still developing and in parallel it is preserving its own characteristics.


The Dell Vostro 5590 uses a 15.6-inch widescreen monitor with Full HD resolution, which provides a stunning visual experience, faithfully depicting every detail.

Not only that, thanks to the integrated LED Backlit screen technology has helped the device to save more power and usage experience will be longer. As you may not know, LED Backlit is a term used to refer to LCD (liquid crystal display) screens that use LED backlighting. Not only is it low cost and energy efficient, the LED Backlit LCD contain less heavy metal than older generations of monitors so it is more environmentally friendly.

Not only that, the ability to display images outside of the house will be even better thanks to Anti-Glare technology. With this advantage, you can clearly see the color of the image even when standing in many different positions under the sun.

Keyboard and Touchpad

For the keyboard, the first advantage that we feel at first glance is the long key travel. As you can see, the keyboard on the Dell Vostro 5590 has a number pad on the right side, which makes it easy to suppress figures or numbers.

However, the buttons are a bit hard, but in return, the distance of the keys is very reasonable and does not narrow the space. This is probably a valuable advantage of the laptop, helping “offset through” with the disadvantages of hard keys that we have mentioned.

Tip to tell you, the point of interest on this keyboard is not the long-key travel, but the power button located in the upper right corner. Perhaps you do not know, Dell has integrated fingerprint sensor technology right on the power button, so that you will not have to waste time typing passwords and no worries when “forgetting the password”.

So what about the touchpad of the laptop? The advantages of the Dell Vostro 5590 touchpad are sleek and responsive. However, we feel the surface is a bit shallow but in general, the downside is not very significant.


In terms of design, this heatsink will be on the back of the keyboard, so when you fold it, you won’t notice it. We personally like this design style of Dell, which helps the laptop to be comfortable and not defective when viewed from many directions around.

Looking objectively, it seems, manufacturers are still pursuing this style. However, on the market today, we will still see modern laptop devices with heat sinks located on the sides of the device.

To evaluate whether the heatsink on the device worked effectively or not, we used AIDA64 software. It measures that the Dell Vostro 5590’s average temperature fluctuations at 53°C.

Thanks to the built-in radiator with good performance, in the common task experience, the smoothness and stability are raised many times.


Before introducing the audio technology on the Dell Vostro 5590, we will show you the placement of the speakers. Turn the laptop surface on the table, you will see Dell speakers are located on both the right and left sides.

You may not know, this Dell Vostro laptop is integrated with Realtek High Definition Audio technology, providing stable and clear sound quality. Along with the ability to amplify the sound loudly will help you have the experience of watching movies, or the ideal musics.

Battery life

The question is whether the battery life is impressive or not? To answer that question, we used the familiar BatteryMon software to measure the battery life of Dell Vostro 5590. We measured the battery in the condition with the screen brightness at 50%, external speaker volume 0%, WiFi On. As always, notifications (Facebook) are always turned on and used for common tasks.

We can see, our laptop can operate continuously for more than 3 hours 11 minutes. During the usage period, we have used Photoshop, Lightroom, Chrome and YouTube at the same time as the video playback status.

Although not a very long battery life, but with more than 3 hours of operation, you can still quickly solve the “deadline” before promptly before finding a socket to charge immediately.

Final line

That’s the our Dell Vostro 5590 review and laptop experience. We appreciate that what the device brings is enough to meet all the needs of users. Gaming is available, smooth operation is available, metal design is there and efficient cooling is also available.

Currently, the laptop is sold on for $840, so the price is not much higher considering the performance of the device. So what about you? How would you rate this beauty? Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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