Cranborne Audio Camden EC1 Compact Preamp With Big Mojo

Cranborne Audio has introduced the Camden EC1, a compact microphone preamp in desktop format. There is also a headphone amplifier in here. Camden EC1 mic booster wants to be your first preamp and your last one. The device is available now.

Cranborne Audio Camden EC1 mic booster

What’s in that half-rack box? Now first a Camden preamp that gives you 68.5 dB gain. According to the manufacturer, enough amplification to operate dynamic microphones or ribbon microphones. The Camden EC1 not only wants to amplify microphones as transparently as possible but also line and instrument signals. You can even split Hi-Z signals and record the pre amp and DI signals at the same time. The link output is intended for this – so there is also a bit of DI box in here.

Transparent sound is not everything, the little box also wants to be colored. The Mojo control is available for this, with which you can determine the amount of saturation (in the style of tubes or transformers). You can switch between two “flavors” with a switch. They are called Thump and Cream – the names sound promising!

Cranborne Audio Camden EC1 mic booster

In addition, you will also find a high-quality headphone amplifier in this device. An integrated line mixer allows you to listen to the preamp input and the playback (from the DAW, for example) at the same time. How is that possible? Well, with an aux input on the device.

And then there is the CAST system. This allows you to transmit audio signals directly to the Cranborne Audio 500R8 or 500ADAT modules via a network cable. It also works in the other direction, so you can send the signals coming from the modules to the monitor mix of the headphones.

In fact, with the Camden EC1, you are armed for many tasks. This is not only interesting for music makers, but also for people who make voice recordings. Podcasters are sure to get their money’s worth, especially because there is enough mic booster for mics like the Shure SM7B. And thanks to the headphone amplifier, the device should also pay off for mixing and mastering.

Cranborne Audio Camden EC1 price and availability

Cranborne Audio Camden EC1 mic booster is available now, the price is $599. You can now purchase the preamp from the website.

Last month, Heritage Audio has also announced the 73JR II Microphone Preamplifier is the closest possible replica of a three-stage Class A 73 microphone preamp that fits completely into a single 500 slot, priced at $949.

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