Belkin SoundForm True Wireless Review: Best In Ear Headphones at This Price Range

The Belkin SoundForm True Wireless Earbuds are Belkin’s first True Wireless headset, which keeps up with current wireless in ear headphones trends. In the face of a diverse jungle of the true wireless best in-ear headphones today, will the Belkin Soundform True Wireless bring in new points to help it stand out against other competitors?

Belkin SoundForm True Wireless Review: Best In Ear Headphones


The Belkin Soundform True Wireless has a compact design, so it can be worn very comfortably, as well as the ability to separate relative noise from high-quality ear tips. Accessories with the earbud are 3 sets of ear tips so that customers can choose the most appropriate size for them.
The earbud’s matte surface and charging case make the grip very easy as well as feel completely free from fingerprints.

Belkin SoundForm True Wireless Review: Best In Ear Headphones

SoundForm is IPX5 water-resistant, which is certified for peace of mind when exercising or in heavy rain, but not recommended for use in direct contact with liquids.

The back of the earbuds is printed with a beautiful Belkin logo and the logo itself is also a touch surface for tactile control. Touch control, in general, is not much different from other in ear headphones, with one-touch, double-tap, or long-press to perform certain tasks such as play music, pause music, skip songs, reduce or increase the volume, or receive and end calls. On the earbuds, there is also an LED light to indicate the headset in working condition.

Belkin SoundForm True Wireless Review: Best In Ear Headphones

The Soundform’s charging case features a clamshell design. The case cover is very strong, so if accidentally touched it will not pop up suddenly. The LED on the charging case is used to indicate the remaining battery power when you open the lid to pick up the headset, but usually, it turns off to save energy. The case size is 7 x 3.2 x 3.5 cm and weighs 100 grams, so it can be placed in your pants pocket easily.

The other accessory is a micro-USB charging cable (unfortunately not USB-C) and warranty card, nothing else. This can be seen as the “standard” accessory set for most in ear headphones today.

Battery and Connectivity

The Belkin Soundform gives around 5 hours of battery life, which is usually not very impressive, but also nothing to criticize. This usage time is based on the recommended volume from Belkin, so if you listen to music at “maximum volume”, the battery will be slightly degraded. In fact, we rarely run out of batteries until we listen to music all day, and if we only use in-ear headphones to talk, the battery will certainly last longer.

Belkin SoundForm True Wireless Review: Best In Ear Headphones

The charging case of the headset provides 19 hours of additional battery, bringing the total usage time to 24 hours. As mentioned above, it is very unfortunate that the Soundform charging case is a micro-USB port, older than most competitors that have upgraded to a USB-C port.

SoundForm features Bluetooth 5.0 standard, so we can be completely confident about the stability and quality of the transmitted signal. Bluetooth 5.0 also did not lag behind when watching movies and listening to high-quality music standards. This is a very big plus point for Belkin SoundForm.


The high-detail headphones with soundstage are extremely impressive, as well as the ability to isolate the instrument layer is quite good, the bass is clear, sharp, solid, with no low encroachment in mid-tone.

Belkin SoundForm True Wireless Review

Treble sound in SoundForm is quite high, especially when listening to albums with drum pieces included, cymbals sound smooth and dense, easy-to-listen mid-range brings a steamy, rich and soft tone.

Belkin SoundForm True Wireless is perfect for listening to podcasts or audiobooks, or multi-genre music. The amount of bass is not enough for those who love bass, but the quality and rigidity are very good, compared to the price of the product. It would be difficult for the Belkin Soundfarm to satisfy listeners who have experienced many high-end TWS for a long time, but with the need to listen to popular music, this is usually sufficient.

Belkin SoundForm True Wireless Review

Talking about the need to listen to a phone call, SoundForm is acceptable. Each side of the earbud has a separate microphone, so it will capture audio better, but because the microphone does not have the ability to filter the sound, it will not be effective when talking in crowded places, especially on the road. But talking more, the other person won’t hear you very well at the end of the line. Under normal circumstances like a home or office, nothing to complain about.

Final line

It can be concluded that at $59.99 on Amazon and Bhphotovideo, the Belkin SoundForm True Wireless Earbuds are a reasonable mid-range option. Soundform can be seen as a market testing step for Belkin to develop other new products in the future.

The highlight of Belkin Soundform is its compact design and ease of use. The earbuds’ touch control is ok, but not very sensitive, it takes about 0.3 seconds for the headset to respond when waiting through a song or increasing or decreasing the volume.

The charging case of the Soundform also has a sleek design and basic features (battery light, tight lock cover). Finally, the sound quality of the Belkin Soundform in ear headphones is fairly well correlated, suitable for most of the daily tasks and entertainment needs.

The Belkin Soundform True Wireless is a good pair of in ear headphones to consider for the price. That said, with the AUKEY EP-T10, Anker Soundcore Spirit X2, and Sony WF-XB700 it would definitely be worth considering that as well.

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