Manfrotto ProCube Professional Twin Charger for Nikon, Sony, and Canon Batteries

Manfrotto introduced its own brand of camera batteries and a dual compartment charger. The Manfrotto ProCube Twin charger is compatible with Nikon, Sony, and Canon batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are suitable for Canon and Nikon cameras and, according to the manufacturer, provide better performance than standard batteries.

Manfrotto ProCube Professional Twin Charger for Nikon, Sony, and Canon Batteries

The HLX-E6N battery for Canon is a replacement for the Canon LP-E6N, but the Manfrotto version offers 2000mAh instead of Canon’s 1865mAh. The Nikon alternative has slightly more capacity than the 1900mAh Nikon EN-EL15A and EN-EL15B batteries, but slightly less than the 2280mAh battery of the EN-EL-15C. A 2.4A USB output for phones, tablets, game consoles, and more can be used once the camera batteries are fully charged. 

The Manfrotto ProCube charger can hold two batteries of the same type and charge them simultaneously. The charger is compatible with Nikon, Sony, and Canon batteries. The LCD panel shows the charging progress both in percentage and in mAh, and also informs users about the state of the batteries. The charging compartment plate is removable, so users can use the charging block with different plates, and AA batteries can also be charged using the optionally included plate.

Manfrotto ProCube price and availability

The Manfrotto ProCube Professional Twin Charger for Nikon, Sony, and Canon batteries, which is now available to buy on for $79.99, including adapters for plugs from Europe and the UK.

Earlier this month, the B&H store has also made available the Manfrotto Chroma Key FX foldable portable foldable background kit which has the largest dimensions on the market, and the kit is completely ready to work on location.

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