AUKEY EP-T10 Review: The Best Wireless Earbuds With USB-C, Qi Wireless Charging

The mid-range true wireless earbuds market is becoming more and more fierce in the same price range, but all companies are trying to bring the best wireless earbuds to market. AUKEY EP-T10 is a very clear example, these AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds features Bluetooth 5.0, 24-hour battery (7 hours in-ear and 17 hours in charging case), from the perfection of the design to the quality of the sound, this AUKEY earbuds makes us feel satisfied, which will be known in more review below.

Aukey EP-T10 Review

The version that we reviewed in the article has a dark-gray color, the box of the earbuds looks fashionable and will surely attract the feelings of many girls. At the time of unboxing, we feel like an expensive makeup box.

The earbud case is very tightly inserted into the box so it is safe in it, we do not worry about falling. The charging case uses a USB-C port and indicates the battery life through the small white LED light at the front. In addition, the Aukey EP-T10 is also one of the best wireless earbuds in the price range of $90 with a Qi wireless charging function. The wireless headsets are small in size and very neat design, the outer part is covered with a thin and smooth rubber layer and has an additional earfin to help the headset hold firmly on the ear, suitable for the needs of outdoor sports activities.

AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds

The EP-T10 also has an IPX5 waterproof standard, so do not worry about either water or sweat and light rain. We really liked the style of its wear. It clings very closely and tightens the ears, does not cause earache. It was so close that we felt that it had active noise cancellation.

The earbuds allow you to use touch gestures to control them. For example: Touch and hold on the right earbud is to increase the volume, the cover is to lower the volume, the volume decreases and increases in steps, remove your hands until you hear enough. Lightly tap one-time in the right earbud to play/pause, for two taps to skip and three to back.

AUKEY EP-T10 is a good sounding Bluetooth headphones wireless device whose sound quality is above our price range. It has 6mm Graphene-Coated diaphragms that represent the upper bass sounds strong and fast, is very rich in force but does not encroach or give us mixed feeling, does not heavy the time bridge of the entire song.

AUKEY Earbuds

We listened to Jeff Buckley’s Lover, You should’ve come over and were fascinated by the precise bass with the great beat that AUKEY EP-T10 performed. This is also a great piece.

Jeff Buckley, Cat Power, or Daft Punk all shine on this AUKEY true wireless earbuds. Its sound quality is clear and airy, its dynamic range is very comfortable and spacious in listening to high notes. When we heard Pop and Electronic music on it, it was an epic experience. Treble of Aukey EP-T10 is quite easy to listen to, clear and not dazzling, relax, and gentle, not harsh at all.

This is a strange phenomenon because now we hardly see any of the Truly Wireless Earbuds in this price range with full of features, the sound is good, and the design is also elegant. It is easy to recognize all the advantages of the AUKEY EP-T10, and our team used it in turn until 3 days before today, and we could not discover the downside of these earbuds. Good job, Aukey!

Final line

In our opinion, the AUKEY EP-T10 is a great choice and an extremely heavy opponent for the price segment below $100. Highly recommend. It is available on for $89.99, for this less money, you get a decent set of features such as the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C with Qi Wireless Charging, sweat resistance, a compact charging case, and a comfortable fit.

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