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HTC Re camera price dropped

The HTC Re Camera is a portable compact camera with water resistance, ultra-sharp image quality and camera to take pictures from every corner. Accordingly, the HTC Re Camera price was reduced to $199 from $122, down to $77. It has a 16-megapixel camera with the ability to shoot Full HD movies in 1080 pixels, HTC Cameras also shoot slow motion …

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Razer Firefly Mouse pads with LED lights for Gamers

Razer has recently launched Firefly – mouse pads for gamers integrated LED lights. The Razer Firefly LED Pads supports a 16.8 million colors, these colors can be customized according to user preference, users can also change how the lamp will light up (eg churn effect, blinking, color changing light, or fixed color). Especially this light sequence can be synchronized with …

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ReVault Wearable disguised as Wi-Fi hard drive priced from $169

ReVault is a mini size Wi-Fi hard drive, but can wear as a SmartWatch, which is its best feature. You can use ReVault as a hard drive for storing mobile and backup data from all the equipment that you have. Because it always with you anytime, anywhere, your data is always backed up carefully in the Watch, and when necessary …

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Ona introduces Berlin II black camera bag for Leica M

The Ona America, A manufacturer of high-quality Camera Bag brand has announced a new version of the black bag line named Berlin II. This Ona Berlin II bag is designed specifically for the Leica M cameras, the first version has been a Berlin bag limited edition created just to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Leica, but Berlin II will …

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Apple Watch received the first firmware update: Watch OS 1.0.1

Watch OS 1.0.1 may be seen as a first major update of Apple Watch, as it gives us a lot of valuable improvements, and bug fixes and performance enhancements, such like Siri feature. With the first update, the Apple Wrist Watch can now calculate the amount of calories consumed when you ride at home or while boating. Able to measure the …

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RAVPower Savior Battery Pack: Portable Charger with Apple Lightning or MicroUSB

RAVPower Savior Multi Functional is a Portable Charger which is quite popular, it has enough capacity to charge more than 2-3 units or iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6, support direct charging socket without via adapter Lightning or integrated microUSB port (depending on version) for us to charge your phone without carrying cables. The RAVPower Savior has 9000mAh battery capacity, however, …

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Sony LED Light bulb Speaker: intelligent bulb integrated Bluetooth speakers

Sony has launched an intelligent LED Lights with Built in Speakers. This product uses Bluetooth to connect to a mobile device of the user, from which they can adjust both the brightness or turn off light and can transmit audio data through the speaker. Sony says, the LED light bulb brightness is 360 lumens. Apart from a smartphone or tablet …

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New images of the interface and features of Samsung Gear A SmartWatch

Samsung has just released a set of development tools for New Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watches, which has many interesting details about the round dial that the company’s next Samsung Gear A (codename Orbis). The first, images shows that the edges of the SmartWatch model can rotate, similar to previous Samsung Gear Watches rumors. The rotating rim like it has many …

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