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Asus X541UA Review: Best for Office work and Impressive Audio

Asus X541UA is the mid-range laptop of the Asus VivoBook Series, and coming with a reasonable price. This laptop will fit for the students or budget users with the need to use for study, office tasks, entertainment, and more. Let’s walk through the Asus X541UA review below:

Asus X541UA Review


Asus X541UA is completely made of lightweight plastic, weighs only about 2kg so very convenient to use and to move. The cover is adorned with beautiful black and white interwoven lines that give the metal like feel. The inner part of the laptop is covered with gold color which also has the same metal layer.

The X541UA is equipped with today’s many popular ports and has an additional optical drive. Specifically, the left side of the laptop is the rechargeable port, USB Type C, the heat sink, Ethernet port, VGA port, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and 3.5mm headphone jack.

While the right edge will be where the optical drive is located. In front of the left side is the SD card slot. Overall, the Asus X541UA is a mid-range laptop, so it does not have any special features like high-end laptops.



The X541UA features a 15.6-inch display, but unfortunately, the resolution just stopped at HD. Our experience with this display is really good.

Asus X541UA display

It has a very good anti-glare display, so working in the outdoors is not a problem. The screen uses Splendid technology with a variety of custom modes and especially the Eye Protection mode, which helps the screen filter out the green light.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard on the X541UA is a full-sized chiclet and has a curved design that each button looks quite smooth. However, when typing, the feeling is not very handy, the keyboard surface design feels slippery when typing. The key also generates relative noise. If you are not too hard as you are, the keyboard of the X541UA is still open to good levels.

The touchpad of the X541UA works quite well, fast move, multiple touch points, and accurate feedback.


The loudspeaker is located just above the keyboard with two pairs of side speakers and is equipped with SonicMaster technology. When trying to watch movies with the X541UA speaker for live audio, depth of feeling.

Asus X541UA audio

Listening to music, the bass feels sure with the EDM. With latest songs, lyrical music, the sound is very soft and go to the heart.


We have an Intel Core i3 Skylake 6100U CPU, clocked at 2.30 GHz; 4GB of RAM and 1TB of HDD. This is an average configuration and we also measured performance with GeekBench 4 software and the result was 15124 points.

Asus X541UA performance

In fact, we see the laptop running smoothly with the usual office tasks such as Word, Excel, reading newspapers, watching movies with Chrome. We also tested some heavy games like CS: GO or Legendary League on the Asus X541UA and the results have to reduce the game configuration to a minimum to play smoothly. However, sometimes we had to face a lag.

Generally speaking, this laptop is not for gaming or high-end graphics but will serve the needs of learning, office work, and entertainment.

Battery and Heat

We tested the laptop to surf the web, listening to music. The laptop can stay for about two and a half hours with the usual office tasks. It is best to bring this laptop anywhere, but you do not forget to take the charger.

Asus X541UA heat

Coming to heat dissipation, because the laptop does not have to operate in a continuous heavy work or high-definition gaming environment, it is generally cool as usual.

The area near the heat sink is not very hot when used for a long time, about 2-3 hours continuously.

Final line

With a starting price of about $420 for a minimum configuration through, you will own a laptop that is just right for learning, office, entertainment as well as a good loudspeaker with heavy bass.

What do you like about this Asus X541UA review? Please comment below.

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