Zhiyun Crane Plus Camera Gimbal Stabilizer is Here, With Flash Sale Offer

Smartphone companies could possibly be delivering their devices with better and better cameras each and every year, however, it is obvious that there isn’t any doubt they have a long way to go right until they will achieve DSLR like enhancement, whenever they do.

Zhiyun Crane Plus Camera Gimbal Stabilizer


Alternatively, DSLR cameras usually are heavy and quite weighty for very long period usage and despite all of the embedded stabilizers, video clips may appear shaky. So, that’s a bad thing if you’re a professional photographer when shooting an event or function video for example.

We have found exactly what you are looking for is a professional camera gimbal that helps you out here. Camera gimbal stays offer the mandatory stability and balance to enable you to record a professional video at fantastic attitudes and speeds without any blur and shake at all.

The Zhiyun Crane Plus handheld, 3 axis gimbal stabilizer helps DSLR and mirrorless digital camera photographers produce smooth and clean videos by reducing the particular shakiness of handheld filming. The firm became popular with Crane V2, Crane 2 camera gimbals and now with Crane Plus with much improved and enhanced in terms of performance compared to its predecessor.

Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 axis gimbal

The Zhiyun Crane Plus gimbal stabilizer comes with various working modes including left and right following and selfie, locking and POV mode will move with you and roll your camera left or right, up to 45 degrees. Additionally, it is capable of carrying cameras weighing up to 2.5kg.

Zhiyun Crane Plus is now on sale from e-retailer TomTop, they are surely great. The flash sale offers a 37% discount off the original price. This means you can get it for US$569 until stock last or flash sale ends.

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