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Zhiyun Smooth XS is New Foldable and Extendable Smartphone Gimbal

The well-known Zhiyun-Tech manufacturer of gimbals for cameras and smartphones has introduced another model for smartphone filmmakers – the Zhiyun Smooth-XS. Suitable for a girl and a young generation group of vloggers and social media influencers. The new smartphone gimbal is available in fresh, fashionable colors instead of black. At the start, it comes in a white and gray version.  The Smooth-XS is a sophisticated …

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Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 2S Camera Gimbal Stabilizer for Professionals

The new Zhiyun Gimbal Crane 2S complements the Crane 2 series, consisting of three-axis camera gimbal for professional filmmakers, with its higher payload and size capacity. With its optimized motors, the Zhiyun-Tech Crane 2S is particularly suitable for larger cameras such as the Blackmagic PCC 6K, Panasonic S1H, or EOS 1DX. A special algorithm guarantees high performance and smoothness even in challenging environments, according …

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Manfrotto FAST GimBoom Carbon Fiber, and Two Gimbals Kit Announced

The Italian company Manfrotto, a well-known manufacturer of photo and video accessories, has introduced a universal camera carbon fiber extension arm for Gimbals named Manfrotto FAST GimBoom Carbon Fiber. Along with the professional 3-axis motorized gimbal stabilizer called Gimbal 220, Gimbal 220 Pro Kit, and Gimbal 460 Pro Kit, which are able to work with DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The …

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Zhiyun Smooth-X Smartphone Gimbal With Foldable Design, Built-in Selfie Stick

Zhiyun, a manufacturer of gimbal stabilizer for cameras and smartphones, has now launched a new Zhiyun Smooth-X smartphone gimbal. It is a compact, foldable gimbal that weighs only 246 g and easily fits in your bag – or even in your pocket. With the new dedicated ZY Cami app, Smooth X offers new opportunities to capture and create stories. The …

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DJI Osmo Pocket Rival: Feiyu Pocket 4K Action Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

The Chinese company Feiyu Tech has announced an affordable action camera with a built-in 3-axis gimbal stabilizer – Feiyu Pocket 4K. The action camera gimbal turned out very similar to the more famous camera from DJI – Osmo Pocket. Feiyutech Feiyu Pocket 4K action camera gimbal can record video in 4K resolution with a frame rate of 60 fps. It …

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Best Phone Gimbal: Best to Buy

In this constantly updated guide, we collect the best phone gimbal currently available on the market. Whether you are a professional or just want to make good shots, the gimbals are stabilizers that can completely eliminate the flickering of your smartphone. These gimbal stabilizer devices are born precisely in the world of cinema, but today at decidedly more affordable prices, …

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Zhiyun launches Crane-M2 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Compact cameras, Phones and Action cams

Zhiyun introduced a new Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer called Crane-M2. Thanks to its versatile design, the Zhiyun Crane-M2 gimbal stabilizer is compatible with a variety of devices: compact digital cameras, light mirrorless cameras, mobile phones, and action cameras. The ability to control the camera via WiFi and Bluetooth, new video modes, long battery life (up to 8hours) in combination with an …

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iPhone Gimbal: Best to Buy

In this constantly updated guide, we collect the best iPhone gimbal currently available on the market. Whether for leisure and entertainment or to experiment with low-budget equipment, a gimbal is essential for stabilizing shooting or time-lapse motion with maximum precision. Our selection Now it is appropriate to look more closely at the products selected by us as the best iPhone …

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Deals: Hohem iSteady Pro 3-Axis Action Camera Gimbal With 4000mAh Battery At $$79.99

Hohem iSteady Pro 3-Axis Action Camera Gimbal

Currently, there is a trend of carrying a better action camera together. All newly launched action cameras come with very powerful sensors. The best proofs are the GoPro series and Yi series action cameras. However, if you want to go professional with them, you should use some accessories. With this purpose in mind, many manufacturers design various accessories for action …

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