Amazon eero Max 7 Wi-Fi 7 mesh system with 10 Gbit/s for ultimate speed and connectivity

Amazon is ushering in the era of Wi-Fi 7 with the introduction of the WiFi 7 eero Max 7, marking the brand’s inaugural foray into tri-band mesh WiFi systems. This device stands as Amazon’s swiftest and most potent mesh WiFi 7 router to date, boasting compatibility with TrueMesh, Matter, Thread, and Zigbee.

Amazon WiFi 7 eero Max 7 tri-band mesh system

The eero Max 7, Amazon’s maiden WiFi 7 device, harnesses the prowess of WiFi 7 and TrueMesh to deliver unmatched mesh WiFi speeds. Not only does it incorporate eero’s exclusive TrueMesh networking technology, but it also extends support to Matter, Thread, and Zigbee.

The WiFi 7 eero Max 7 harnesses the combined might of tri-band wireless speeds across the 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz radio bands, boasting speeds of up to 4.3 Gbit/s alongside wired speeds soaring to 9.4 Gbit/s. Amazon proudly claims that the eero Max 7 tri-band home WiFi system doesn’t just facilitate rapid downloads via its integrated 10 Gigabit Ethernet; it allows you to fetch substantial files in mere seconds, such as a 4K movie in just 10 seconds or a 50 GB game in under a minute.

In terms of connectivity, Amazon’s novel WiFi 7 eero Max 7 tri-band router doesn’t just offer two 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports but also a pair of blazingly fast 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The eero tri-band mesh wifi system is specified by Amazon with dimensions of approximately 222 x 184 x 90 millimeters, and it blankets an extensive mesh WiFi coverage of up to 232 square meters, accommodating over 200 connected devices. Remarkably, despite its high-octane performance, the manufacturer has ingeniously implemented passive cooling for the high-speed Max.

The freshly minted eero tri-band mesh WiFi system ensures straightforward setup and effortless management via the user-friendly eero app. Moreover, it maintains compatibility with prior generations of eero devices while assuring top-tier security through automatic and continuous software updates.

WiFi 7 eero Max 7 price and release date

The eero Max 7 is poised to hit the market shortly, bearing a price tag of $599.99 or £599.99. It’s already available for perusal on and, although precise availability details remain pending.

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TP-Link has recently unveiled a pair of groundbreaking devices poised to revolutionize the landscape of WiFi 7 routers. These offerings, the Deco BE85 mesh system, and the Archer BE800 router, mark the company’s inaugural products to embrace the WiFi 7 standard, boasting impressively high throughput.

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