What Are The Best Gaming Microphones Under $100? 3 Options


Trust us; nobody can resist the charm of a high-quality microphone set for their gaming hours. Their exorbitant prices, however, have held many people back, which is why we enter the scene to help you! Our list of the best gaming microphones under $100 ensures your engagement reaches unimaginable heights without breaking the bank.

Excited already? Then keep scrolling! Each of these mics enjoys its own strong points, suited to different preferences. Know what yours are to spot the most suitable one.

Three Best Gaming Microphones Under $100

1. Editor’s Choice – Tonor Gaming Condenser

Best Gaming Microphones Under $100

Source: Amazon.


  • Dimensions: 9.45 x 5.12 x 5.12 inches
  • Weight: 1.43 pounds
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Connector Types: USB Type-A, USB Type-C
  • Compatible Devices: Mac, PC, Laptop, Android
  • Sampling Rate: 48kHz
  • Sensitivity: -38±3dB
  • Accessories: USB Condenser Mic
  • Polar Patterns: Unidirectional
  • Impedance: 2200 Ohm

Tonor USB Gaming is a tough rival to beat regarding platform compatibility. While most of its competitors are built to accommodate limited amounts of devices, this jack mic can suit any platform, from tiny Androids to huge PCs!

There’s no need to purchase supporting drivers or extra conversion kits, saving customers from lots of setup efforts. After barely a few minutes of installment, the microphones are ready for use!

Using this kit, ambient noises stand little-to-no chance to annoy you, as it comes with an integrated shock mount that blocks all keyboard typing sounds or desktop vibration.

We are also pretty pleased that its noise cancellation controls seem quite straightforward. All you need is to press your finger once on the button, and all ambient noises will vanish instantly.

You barely need to exert considerable effort to receive the clearest sound record ever known – terrific for beginners or first-time gamers!

Such a simple design also applies to the one-tap mute system – which, just like its name suggests, only requires one tap to mute and unmute noises. This feature gives you more versatility and control over your live streaming or podcast quality.

Should there be any unexpected accidents – or suppose you don’t want certain sounds to be heard by your curious audience – then it only takes less than a second to turn off the audio!

Our only reservation is that these elementary designs might not suit professionals. If gaming is your major source of income, you probably want to find something else that looks more gamer-y.


  • Friendly design (requiring one tap only)
  • High compatibility with many devices
  • Clear sounds with noise-cancelation controls
  • Zero-latency monitor to modify sounds in real time
  • Adjustable stand


  • Not suited to professionals

2. Best Space-Saving – Amazon Basics Condenser

Best Gaming Microphones Under $100

Source: Amazon.


  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 4.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Connector Types: USB
  • Color: Black
  • Polar Patterns: Unidirectional
  • Power Sources: Corded Electric

Sure, everyone wishes to get their hands on the best quality mic possible; but how can we be certain that our gaming space is not sacrificed in the process?

Amazon Basics is the best solution for these space-saving issues, enjoying a compact dimension of roughly 7 x 5 x 3 inches and weighing less than 1 pound!

As a result, it’s easy to find an optimal spot to set them up without taking away necessary room for hand and mouse movements amidst intense battles. The bundle even comes with a convenient tripod to foster further extending or shortening, making it even easier to customize your personal space!

The mic’s unidirectional pick-up patterns are also a strong competitive edge, absorbing noises from all directions. Though occasional unwanted sounds might not get filtered, the huge advantage here is that your voice will sound much clearer and louder than any other microphone!

Provided that your living space is relatively quiet, such benefits are a lifesaver, ensuring your audience always receives the highest quality records.

If only the tripod housing had been made of sturdier material than plastic, then this microphone would receive a ten out of ten from us. Unfortunately, gamers have reported their alarming instability. You might need to back it up with something more solid.


  • Excellent and loud sounds
  • Working well with Youtube, Skype, Twitch, etc.
  • Adjustable stands for better space-saving
  • Compact dimensions


  • Unstable housing
  • Cheap material

3. Best Background Noise Reduction – Razer Seiren

Best Gaming Microphones Under $100

Source: Amazon.


  • Dimensions: ‎3.54 x 3.54 x 7.28 inches
  • Weight: 0.8 pounds
  • Connectivity Technologies: Wired
  • Connector Types: USB
  • Compatible Devices: Amplifier, Console, Speaker, Radio   
  • Colors: Classic Black
  • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional

Imagine you are recounting an exhilarating encounter with the final boss – when the sounds of barking dogs suddenly echo into the mic. Fortunately, with Razer Seiren, such a catastrophe will only remain in your imagination!

This microphone incorporates a super-cardioid technology that helps remove all redundant noises from your clips, preserving the overall performance of your audio to the greatest extent.

You will be astonished to discover that your live streaming quality can be comparable to professional-grade videos, satisfying even the pickiest audience!

The built-in shock mounts only serve to boost its practicality values even more. They are made of vibration-dampening layers that eliminate incessant echoes to minimize unwanted bumps in your voice.

The audio will carry on smoothly, uninterruptedly from beginning to end, without barely any need for further editing! With gaming microphones just under $100, you certainly cannot ask for more than that!

Still, we believe the neck could have enjoyed some more versatility. Gamers complain it leaves little room for wiggling, which can be rather inconvenient for those who like to move around a lot during gaming/streaming! But otherwise, Razer Seiren is a terrific investment at the end of the day.


  • Modern tech for reductions of vibration and background noise
  • Real-time sound monitoring
  • Pretty compact and lightweight
  • Easy setup


  • Limited neck flexibility
  • Substandard pop filter


This article has discussed the three best gaming microphones under $100.

Aside from our editor’s choice, Tonor USB Gaming – a wonderful combination of high-quality sounds and convenient usage – the other two options are also promising. Assess your demands to pick what you deem is the best for your future gaming experience!

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