TC Electronic IMPULSE: Small IR loader with Big Features

The TC Electronic IMPULSE IR LOADER is a cab sim and impulse response loader. The pedal has been created to make the complex handling of impulse responses as easy as tuning has become with Polytune and looping with Ditto Looper.

TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader

IMPULSE stores up to 99 IR, which can be loaded with almost no delay. The compact pedal is already pre-loaded with 25 IR and offers 74 slots for additional storage spaces. To get all of our users off to a good start, TC has teamed up with one of the most respected guitar speaker manufacturers in the business: Celestion.

It’s also logical! Because he has already meticulously created impulse responses for his most popular speaker models. IMPULSE includes 12 officials Celestion DIGITAL IRs – handpicked from what TC considers “the best IRs on the market”. At least that’s what Paul Product Manager Robert Scott says.

The new stompbox also comes with 8 so-called Pedal Platform IRs. These should enable a fast DI-compatible signal without amps and cabs. These IRs were created using both an amp and a cabinet to deliver that special sound over a PA system or at home when recording directly to an audio interface.

In addition, TC Electronic has also developed a set of 5 acoustic guitar IRs to optimize the sound of acoustic guitars with piezo pickups through PA systems. By the way: The pedal, reminiscent of Iron Man, supports impulse responses of up to 200 ms.

For the finishing touches, IMPULSE features a global compensation EQ as well as a true bypass design, making it a classic punch-in/punch-out pedal. When used as an always-on device, A/B mode can be activated to instantly toggle between two different IRs with the footswitch. As you can see, everything has been thought of here.

Impulse IR Loader price and availability

TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader costs $109.95, and it is now available to buy on the website.

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