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DUNU Zen Pro Premium In-Ear Monitor made of Monolithic Stainless Steel

DUNU has unveiled its flagship in ear monitors called Zen Pro. The in ears monitor is made in a solid stainless steel case with a PVD coating and received a dynamic ECLIPSE driver. The DUNU Zen Pro driver is equipped with a magnetic system that generates a flux of up to 1.6 Tesla, ensuring fast and smooth movement of the …

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Sennheiser IE 400 Pro and IE 500 Pro In-Ear Monitors at a Special Price

Sennheiser has temporarily reduced the price of its two best In Ear headphones monitors IE 400 PRO and IE 500 PRO. The two in ear monitor system should convince on stage with powerful sound, transparent mids, and clear highs. Sennheiser IE 400 PRO The IE 400 PRO is the right choice for professionals who want to take their usual studio …

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Logitech G333 Oculus Ready Gaming Earbuds promise Solid Sound at a Fair Price

So far, the Logitech G333 has only been offered as a VR version for the Oculus Quest 2, and the interesting gaming In-Ear headphones are finally available as a regular version. The new Logitech Earbuds are compatible with any device that has an AUX or USB-C port; the cable can minimize latency. New Oculus Ready Bluetooth earbuds are handy, but …

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Sennheiser IE 100 PRO and IE 100 PRO Wireless In-Ear Monitors

The new IE 100 PRO and IE 100 PRO Wireless in ear monitors from Sennheiser want to offer you good services for monitoring, mixing, and production, but also for listening to music on the go. The two Sennheiser headsets are already available in different colors. With the new in-ear monitors, Sennheiser wants to appeal to musicians who are looking for …

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Deal: Get JBL T180A Headphones For Just $17.99 With Coupon

JBL T180A JBL Headphones

If you like to listen to your music in the best possible quality, in-ear headphones are a good way to do it. The online store TomTop offers a good deal on JBL T180A headphones. Flash sale offers down its price to $27.49, but we also have an exclusive Coupon code by using this it can be purchased under the $20 …

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TFZ Exclusive King Review: Bass King In-Ears

TFZ Exclusive King

TFZ is a not a new name in the world of audio products. The company was established in 2015 and is based in Shenzhen, China. It gained fame in early 2016 as a manufacturer of TFZ Series high-end audio products with exquisite elegance, and still, produces a wide range of Headphones products. Speaking of earphones, TFZ now has a wide …

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VJJB N1 Review: Premium Headphones in Budget

Some of the foremost fun audio product we’ve used over the past year have returned from a little known Chinese brand that few folks have even detected of. Quite presumably the best-built in-ear headphones we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, the VJJB N1 headphones outlined precisely what premium meant. The N1 was innovative earphones that offered distinctive transparent design, interchangeable …

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Kinera BD005 is a Budget Hybrid Headphones

Kinera BD005

The vast majority of headphones and earphones today use dynamic drivers to push out sound. Some higher-end models have balanced armature drivers, which use magnetism to deliver powerful sound from within much smaller casings. The Kinera BD005 hybrid headphones combined a single balanced armature driver with a single dynamic driver in each casing. The Kinera BD005 hybrid in-ear headphones come …

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Morul U2 Review: Magnetic Wireless Sports Headphones

In the market for a budget friendly pair of waterproof headphones? We got a chance to try out the Morul U2, an excellent low-cost headset that is well suited for running and other activities. It comes with a Half in ear structure design, which promise more comfort and audio accuracy. It turns out that one of those two things is …

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QCY QY19 Noise-Cancelling Headphones with IPX4, Priced at $28

QCY is a relatively new company, which bringing a good personal audio products to the users at affordable prices. The company produces a wide range of affordable products, including the QY7, QY8 and QCY QY11 headphones, and now QCY has launched the QY19 in-ear noise cancelling headphones, priced at $28, that offer budget buyers a good option for their personal …

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