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Behringer Audio Interface series is growing with 961 Interface for Eurorack

Behringer audio Interface models are becoming more numerous, after the availability of the System 100 and Eurorack Go Case Synthesizers, now the Behringer 961 Interface is important for communication with other systems that do not use Moog switch triggers and therefore most others including Eurorack. Since Behringer’s Moog modules are clones of the originals, they use the S trigger for …

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Behringer Synthesizer Eurorack Modules are Now Available to Buy in US

Behringer has introduced the System 100 Eurorack Module back in January at NAMM 2020, in which some of the Behringer Synthesizer models are now available to buy in USA, alongside the availability of the Behringer Eurorack Go Case for Synthesizers. At NAMM 2020, Behringer presents eleven new Behringer mixer Eurorack modules, all of which are authentic reproductions of the original …

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Behringer Eurorack Go Case for Synthesizers: Price, Features, Availability

We already know that Behringer is planning a few Eurorack modular grid. There is System 55 for Moog fans and System 100 for the Roland faction. And of course, all the modulargrid have to go in somewhere. Behringer has built at least one case for this. Behringer Eurorack Go Case First, is the easy positioning of your modules with the …

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