Behringer Audio Interface series is growing with 961 Interface for Eurorack

Behringer audio Interface models are becoming more numerous, after the availability of the System 100 and Eurorack Go Case Synthesizers, now the Behringer 961 Interface is important for communication with other systems that do not use Moog switch triggers and therefore most others including Eurorack.

Behringer audio Interface

Since Behringer’s Moog modules are clones of the originals, they use the S trigger for switched triggers as standard. Eurorack systems, on the other hand, usually use V-trigger (voltage trigger) signals with 5 volts. The 961 Interface allowing you to plug in any audio source and transform it into a voltage trigger to drive other modules in your rig. Dual S-Trig to V-Trig and a multichannel V-Trig to S-Trig converters on the 961 can be utilized to switch or control a particular function on other modules.

This new Behringer audio Interface is a Eurorack-compatible multichannel trigger converter module based on the authentic circuit designs from the Moog Modular System 55. A special feature of the Moog modules of this type was the ability to set a delay or a time offset to the converted version. There is not just one, but several independent channels for the conversion, for example for the separate filter and volume envelope control. In addition, a trigger signal can be generated from an audio signal, which is extremely practical and useful.

Behringer 961 Interface Features

  • Authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the Modular 55 Series
  • Dual multichannel V-trig to S-trig converter
  • Dual S-trig to V-trig converter
  • Audio to V-trig converter
  • Variable switch on delay controls for Column B V-trig inputs
  • Control for setting audio sensitivity for V-trig conversion
  • 21 HP
  • Power: 50 mA, +12 V
  • Includes power ribbon cable and mounting screws

Price and availability

Behringer 961 Interface Analog Multichannel Trigger Converter Module for Eurorack has been priced at $79 and it is now available to buy via the and online stores.

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