Apple Watch Series 6 Blue Aluminum: First Impression, Hands-On

Today we have the chance to wear Apple Watch Series 6 Blue (Blue Aluminum Case), which was launched by Apple a few days ago. In our opinion, this is the best color of the Series 6 Apple Watch aluminum version this year.

Apple Watch Series 6 Price

This version comes with a similar blue color sport band strap when you buy, so it looks great together, when you wear it on your wrist, the blue color between the case and the strap gives a prominent look. 
The edges of the dial are smooth, in real life, this blue color reflects the depth of the ocean, not too harsh and bright like red.

The speaker strip design is very similar to Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, and SE.

Apple Watch Series 6 Price

In general, the rear sensor panel on the Series 6 Apple Watch changes, including 4 LEDs and 4 electrodes alternating on a circular panel instead of 1 blue LED and 8 electrodes like the previous generation.

Worn on hand, this Blue color feels so beautiful, not as monotonous as space gray, which is so familiar with the Apple Watch.

Always on-screen, the numbers on the dial are very similar overall if we adapt it to blue.

Next to the Apple Watch Series 5 stainless steel, the overall design doesn’t change at all.

Apple Watch Series 6 Price

New Series 6 Apple Watch equipped with Apple S6 Chip – 20% more powerful performance, the Series 5 was much faster than before, but now the Series 6 is even faster, giving almost instant user operation. The device runs on the latest watchOS 7 platforms.

wachOS 7 has more features that Apple announced, there are also a few small changes and we would like to share more features because this OS version has removed Force Touch, leading to some manipulations to change as well. For us, watchOS 7 makes Apple Watch more perfect, as well as the least buggy version of watchOS ever. 

When you use the profile picture in Photos as a watch face when you view the photo, there is a clock icon in the bottom left corner, you click to set it as the clock face wallpaper, there are two forms: regular photo or Kaleidoscope style.

In the section where you can take photos on your iPhone with Apple Watch, click the three dots in the right corner of the screen, where you can fine-tune the shooting time or turn on and off Live Photo.

In the message, you choose to enter the conversation, scroll down to the section Send Location – to send your location.

In the messaging application, you roll the Digital Crown to the top will appear a new message composition. 

When scrolling down to view Notifications, to delete all notifications, on watchOS 7 has changed a little, you swipe or roll the Digital Crown to the top will appear Clear All to delete all. 

With Translate, you can ask Siri to translate a few words quickly, for example translating from English to Japanese, German, … very convenient.
Just ask something like: “How can I say Hello in Japanese” – Siri will output the result with a voice reading. 

Apple Watch Series 6 Price

If you are setting up a watch face that you like, you can share it with your loved ones via iMessages. You hold down your watch face, select the sharesheet icon, and then add recipients to share the message. 

Apple has researched and developed new sports activities on watchOS 7 to measure and determine the most accurate calorie consumption, including Dance, Core Training, Functional Strength Training, and (muscle training), and Cooldown (exercises to help stabilize the body).

watchOS 7 allows users to wear Apple Watch to sleep, setting up as follows: There is a Sleep app (bed icon), you will actively set bedtime and wake-up times – Apple Watch and iPhone before bedtime will let you know. Apple Watch will remind you to charge the battery before using this feature – for example, if you come home from work at 8 pm, then you charge your Apple Watch – by 11 am to go to bed, the battery is full to wear. 

And this is the iPhone and Apple Watch when in sleep mode, for Apple Watch, even if you wear Series 5, the Always-On screen will turn off, if you want to see the time, then lightly touch the screen, it will display the time.
Plus, your iPhone and Apple Watch will activate Do Not Disturb until you wake up.

When it’s time to wake up, Apple Watch will vibrate slightly on your wrist, iPhone will sound more pleasant, not annoying. And all your sleep data (including heart rate) will be saved to the Health app on your iPhone.
The next day the Sleep mode will turn on until now unless you turn it off.
According to our experience after a few days of wearing the Apple Watch Series 5 to bed (Because we didn’t get much time with the new Series 6 Apple Watch to experience it), it is still not used because having to wear something on the wrist is very uncomfortable at first. The next morning check the battery is more than 60%, generally not enough for the next day to wear to work or go out. 

The Handwashing feature helps Apple Watch identify actions you turn on the water, wash your hands, apply soap, and will count 20 seconds to help us be more motivated in serious hand washing. 

To activate it Go to Settings – pull down the Handwashing option and toggle on Timer and Haptics. When washing your hands, the Apple Watch will vibrate once and start the counting seconds for you. 

Every time you use the tap to drain, the Apple Watch relies on hand movement and the sound of running water to start counting seconds. Apple Watch will gently vibrate the Haptics once to let you know. You do not need to rotate your wrist to follow your eye, the Apple Watch screen will run automatically for 20 seconds in real-time, when the screen is washed, it will show “Well done”.

Currently, this feature is not very stable, sometimes AW does not count seconds, sometimes it does not show the feature.

Apple Watch Series 6 Price and Availability

The Apple Watch Series 6 is now available to buy on,, and websites. Pricing starts from $399 for the 40 mm aluminum Apple Watch, the 44 mm model costs $30 more, for the LTE modem an extra charge of $100 is due.

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