Quick Experience of Nikon Z6II: Faster, Stronger, Smarter

One thing you can feel when holding and using the Nikon Z6II is that the new Nikon mirrorless camera’s performance is very good, instantly reacting to manipulation. The next shutter speed is faster, as the buffer is 3.5 times expanded compared to the previous generation.

Nikon Z6II review

We quickly share some of our feelings here. You can see its features and configuration through this page.

The USB-C port then supports the modern portable charging standard for charging or using power from a portable battery source when used easily and comfortably. Smart pairing with your mobile device through SnapBridge makes taking pictures of your mobile device easier than ever.

Good hardware power and UX:

We rarely talk about the camera’s response speed. The things we care about are mostly the resolution, ISO, constant shooting speed, mount, etc. We remember when Mirrorless first came in front of us, at some point in time we mentioned the camera response compared to the DSLR because it was so slow at the time. Then everyone got used to it. That difference remains, but not much is mentioned.

Nikon Z6II review

Nikon equips the Z6II with two processor chips it equips in the previous generation. Then the cache was expanded 3.5 times. The battery is upgraded in capacity and extended charging capacity by opening the port for both charging and consumption. These changes led to the machine’s response to our actions with the Z6II, which received a very quick response.

It is often difficult to describe, difficult to comparative advantage because it is rather vague. But experience is important because we manipulate the camera too much while taking photos. Manipulating buttons, manipulating menus, switching to different shooting modes, viewing pictures, viewing photos, zooming photos, etc. We think that for each photo taken, we will sometimes manipulate the machine more than 10 times (not accurately measured).

You can imagine a powerful Android and a low-profile Android. The powerful configuration is more responsive and accurate, with no delay, no lag.

Constant shooting speed:

Nikon Z6II review

The Nikon Z6II can shoot up to 14 FPS continuously and up to 124 continuous shots. Having both of the above, a powerful machine and large cache play an important role. However, in our opinion, it is not very important, you do not need to pay too much attention to this feature as you would not normally exploit it. If you need it, even 10fps is more than enough and in this configuration, there are many mirrorless cameras too, no longer a notable advantage.

High-speed communication port, fast and easy charging:

In our opinion, this is an important part that greatly affects our daily use of cameras. Especially those who use Apple products with widespread USB-C and Power Delivery support. You can forget two items we previously did not forget that the card reader and charger can take still photos, copy photos, charge the battery normally, and of course, are a lot more convenient.

Nikon Z6II review

For example, we plugged the Nikon Z6II into our MacBook or desktop to copy pictures, while it charged the Z6II for us. And USB-C 3.2 with a speed of 5Gbps, you can copy about 20 full-resolution raw photos of the Z6II per second using this port. We no longer need to carry a card reader.

And standard Power Delivery (PD) charging, you can use the charger to make the MacBook, iPad, iPhone for comfortable and fast charging the Nikon Z6II. These chargers purchased from third parties are also very easy, just you need to say which standard to buy for Apple.

Nikon Z6II review

The portable battery for the Nikon Z6II is also comfortable and fast to use as it is now easier to find larger capacity batteries that support USB-C PD. You can connect the battery directly to the camera to shoot, it previously preferred to use external batteries. A maximum of 2,000 photos can be taken with a 27000mAh battery on the plane. Thus, the exposure, continuous shooting, copy pictures, etc. are more convenient, and simpler for us.

SnapBridge: Connecting cameras to mobile devices has never been easier

All you need to do is connect your mobile device to your Nikon Z6II with the simplest operation. After that, every time you want to see the picture, if you want to take the picture, you just need to operate it on your mobile device, without using the camera, always have the option to get the picture without opening the camera.

Nikon Z6II review

Nikon’s solution is quite simple to combine Bluetooth and Wi-Fi instead of just using one of the other two separately.

Accordingly, Bluetooth will play the role of securing and transmitting information data while Wi-Fi is only responsible for transmitting images. And mobile devices and the Nikon Z6II are always connected to Bluetooth when they are close together, and when Bluetooth is connected, the transfer of images over Wi-Fi will no longer be required to undergo security browsing.

In terms of energy consumption for Bluetooth, you do not need to care because of the Low Energy configuration of Bluetooth, the battery under the device can be used for many years. This energy-saving profile of Bluetooth allows the small battery to last for months without any juice.

Nikon Z6II review

Another interesting but not new feature is that you can transfer data on the location (coordinates) on your smartphone or mobile device to the photo with the Nikon Z6II. This will give you more information about the shooting location. This is done completely automatically, even when the camera is turned off.

SnapBridge is not new and not only for the Nikon Z6II but also for several other Nikon mirrorless camera models. But the brothers using the Z6II would have it, so we mentioned it.

Other features of Nikon Z6II that you are interested in:

Solid-body, strong grip. Nikon uses the most advanced camera materials to make the Z6II. We have an alloy case, allowing you to feel solid, comfortable, and seamless feel.

The grip is designed to be thick, the 4-finger hook is also comfortable and firm to hang the camera when not shooting. We tried to use the Nikon Z6II with a 70-200mm F2.8 lens, which could hold the camera with certainty, it responded very well. With a 70–200 mm F2.8 lens, you should indeed use a larger battery grip or base to balance it.

It has 18 additional gold contacts in the battery compartment. Ports on the left side include Wifi, Bluetooth, Remote, HDMI, USB-C, Headphone, Mic. Two CFexpress and SD card slots. The Nikon Z6II supports the fastest card available today. Look at the 128GB card that reads 1700MB/s well. The screen flips up and down.

The Nikon Z6II can be purchased at the Bhphotovideo.com store for $1,996.95.

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