Nikon Z7II and Z6II Mirrorless Cameras with New Accessories: Pre-Order Price and Availability

Two weeks ago, Nikon announced the presentation of the successor versions of its full-frame mirrorless camera Z 6 and Z 7. And now the time has come and Nikon is lifting the veil around the two new Nikon mirrorless cameras with the names Nikon Z6II (24.5 Mpx) and Nikon Z7II (45.7 Mpx). The new ones largely correspond to their predecessors but offer some improvements and more performance and speed thanks to a dual processor. 

Nikon Z7II and Z6II Mirrorless Cameras

Nikon has taken the most criticized aspects to heart and has now taken remedial action. The new camera generation now has, among other things, a second memory card slot for universal and cheaper SD cards in addition to a combination slot to XQD and CFexpress type B as well as the option of connecting an optional grip with a second battery compartment. Video recordings are now possible in the 4K UHD with a frame rate of up to 60 fps. The continuous speeds were increased from 9 fps (Z 7) to 10 fps in the Z 7II and from 12 fps (Z 6) to 14 fps in the Z 6II.

The Nikon Z6 II and Nikon Z7 II cameras are based on the Z mount, introduced in 2018, with its exceptionally large diameter and small focal length, and the constantly growing range of Nikkor Z lenses. Both models benefit from a significantly higher performance thanks to the use of two combined image processors of the current “Expeed 6” generation as well as faster and larger buffer memories with increased data throughput.

Nikon Z7II and Z6II Mirrorless Cameras

They are also equipped with two memory card slots, one of which is for the universal and also for SD cards (UHS-II) or XQD or CFexpress cards. The cameras can record 4K UHD/60p videos, with Nikon still limited to the consumer format with 3840 x 2160 px and does not also offer the professional DCI 4K with 4096 x 2160 px. (Note: Full video streaming is available for the Z 6II via a firmware update, release announced in February 2021.)

Both Nikon mirrorless cameras can optionally be operated with the new vertical format multifunctional grip MB-N11, which takes a second battery. Both models also support the optional available new wireless remote control WR-R11b.

Nikon Z7II

The Z 7II represents the next evolutionary step of the award-winning Z 7 – with superior subject recognition, high resolution, and robust reliability. With a larger dynamic range, faster image data processing thanks to two «Expeed 6» image processors, and the expanded buffer capacity, a continuous shooting rate of up to 10 fps can be realized. Photographers can now capture up to 200 full-resolution JPEG images or 77 losslessly compressed 12-bit RAW images in one sequence.

Nikon Z7II and Z6II Mirrorless Cameras

The improved autofocus of the Z 7 II now also supports the freely selectable large measuring field (Wide-L) for capturing the eyes of people and animals, more effective subject tracking that works similarly to 3D tracking, and more precise autofocus control in the weak light. In addition, the electronic viewfinder (EVF) with approx. 3.69 million pixels provides a more natural image with a high frame rate and less darkening of the viewfinder.

The Nikon Z7II was developed for ambitious amateurs and professional photographers who are particularly interested in incomparable attention to detail. Portrait photographers who want to capture the smallest details of the skin, hair, clothing, and make-up of their models, or landscape photographers who need robust and lightweight equipment to travel in harsh environments and capture nature in all its beauty.

Nikon Z6II

The Z 6 II builds on the Z 6. In addition to its robustness and simple operation, it offers the option of recording professional-quality film sequences. The camera is resistant to dust and water, which makes it suitable for continuous shooting even under adverse conditions. Thanks to the new option of freely choosing the direction of rotation of the focus ring, users can focus manually in the usual way. The improvements to Eye AF and Animal Detection AF ensure more precise focusing on the subjects, even when recording video.

Nikon Z6II

The camera can output videos for the image FX formats (small picture) and DX (APS-C) in 4K / UHD and Full HD. In the HLG recording format, more details, a larger dynamic range, and higher contrast are recorded. Post-processing is largely superfluous. (An external video recorder such as Atomos Shogun is required for recording HLG films with the Nikon Z 6 II.)

The AF functions also ensure the best results when taking photos and keep pace with the increased speed and performance of the camera. The Z 6 II supports a continuous shooting rate of 14 fps and a higher maximum number of recordings: 200 JPEGs or 124 images compressed without loss in 12-bit RAW format in a series of photos.

The Z 6II is aimed at users who want to take film recordings in cinema-quality, but also photos with a compact system. The camera is ideal for professional video production or wedding photography, for example, where maneuverability, flexibility, and uncompromising imaging performance are essential.

New Accessories

The multifunctional MB-N11 Vertical Battery pack grip has a shutter release and controls for taking pictures in portrait format. It also has a USB-C port, via which two batteries can be charged continuously while the multifunctional grip is not connected to the camera. (The grip cannot be used with the earlier models as these do not have any connections.)

Nikon Mirrorless Cameras

With the wireless remote control WR-R11b, the shutter release of the camera can be controlled wirelessly. In addition, the triggering of several cameras that connect to a master camera can be synchronized. The WR-R11b, which is compatible with various Nikon cameras, can also be used as a radio remote control to control external flash units – the SB-5000 flash unit – can be controlled wirelessly in the Advanced Wireless Lighting System. The WR-R11b is compatible with the WR-10 radio remote control, a professional remote control with a long-range.

Price and availability

The Nikon Z7II has been priced at $2,996 for the body only, while $1,996 for the Nikon Z6II body. The new Nikon WR-R11a/WR-R11b Remote Controller cost $196, while the Nikon WR-R11a/WR-T10 Remote Controller Set of $276, and Nikon MB-N11 Power Battery Pack with Vertical Grip priced at $399.

The new Nikon mirrorless cameras and various accessories are now available to pre-order on the website. 

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