OnePlus 9 Pro Hands-On Pictures: First Impressions

Two years ago, OnePlus released the Pro version for two generations with a price tag of over $700, although the changes that OnePlus brought were not very special. As you can see in this article we have 12 GB RAM + 256GB storage variants of the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G, which we got for $1,069.99, so is the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G still worth buying?

oneplus 9 pro review

Design: Unchanged

Honestly, now we expect the phone to bend or rollover because this bar phone is very boring, there are not many successes in style and design. Still an aluminum frame and two curved glass sides hug each other, each machine being identical to the other, with only the camera cluster having the same difference.

On the OnePlus 9 Pro, both sides are protected with Gorilla Glass 5, and fingerprint spots can be easily seen, in return, the Morning Mist color is quite beautiful, it is smoky, lighter at the bottom. Aluminum frames are also polished to resemble steel, but not as rigid and premium as steel.

Display: Unchanged

The display is 6.7-inch in size and still has a curved panel on the sides. This screen has a 120Hz refresh rate, increasing year by year, and according to us, OnePlus is one of the few Android brands that offers the first 90Hz screen. The upside is that it has a brightness of up to 1300 nits, using AMOLED LTPO technology with a left-side punch-hole camera.

oneplus 9 pro review

While the OnePlus 9 uses a flat panel, the 9 Pro is still curved but slightly curved. And the way the camera is positioned, many people will not like the curvature.

Configuration: Unchanged

Flagship killer, so the configuration is still very unmatched. The OnePlus 9 Pro owns 12GB of RAM, a 4500mAh battery, 256GB UFS 3.1 internal memory, and the most powerful Snapdragon 888 CPU. This configuration ensures the phone works smoothly and gently at all tasks that a smartphone can weigh.

In particular, the Pro version will be IP68 waterproof, but when it comes to the regular OnePlus 9, things become a bit more complicated. If someone buys an unlocked variant of the OnePlus 9 sold through Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, or the OnePlus website, that version of the phone does not come with an IP68 rating. The OnePlus 9 sold through T-Mobile, however, does have IP68.

Despite all of that, OnePlus reassures that all variants of the OnePlus 9 go through the same durability testing, as evident by there being airtight gaskets in the SIM tray of the unlocked OnePlus 9 (a key indicator of a phone with water-resistant protection).

OnePlus 9 Pro Cameras: Variable

If Huawei collaborates with Leica, OnePlus collaborates with Hasselblad, a Swedish camera company that specializes in making medium format cameras. Hasselblad helps OnePlus fix the colors for this year’s cameras, so their logo is placed in the camera cluster.

It has a total of 4 lenses including a 48MP main camera, 50MP super-wide camera, telephoto, and macro camera. We’re impressed with the ultra-wide and macro sensors, you just need to bring the camera closer to a certain object and the macro mode will automatically activate without doing anything. The OnePlus 9 Pro is a rare device that we see as an ultra-wide camera with super high resolution. Taking a few test shots, we found it very interesting as the image was equally sharp, with no distortion or blurring at the four corners.

OnePlus 9 Pro Price: Subject to change

Two years ago, the OnePlus 7 Pro was priced at over $600, so this year, you can only buy the OnePlus 9. If you want 9 Pro, then you have to spend $1,069.99, and it can be pre-ordered through the and websites. The nickname is now only: Flagship.

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