HIFIMAN HE400se Hands-On: New Gen Magnetic Planar Over Ear Headphones

HIFIMAN HE400se is the latest Over Ear headphones wired device of the company, simple and practical appearance, delicate and compact enough, lightweight, using planar magnetic driver inherited from the design of HIFIMAN Susvara hi-end headphones.

HIFIMAN HE400se review

HIFIMAN has long kept transmitting the use of planar magnetic speaker drivers to its flagship and mass-market wired headset products, providing users with a variety of options while ensuring good sound quality. For those who just entered the world of Audiophiles, HIFIMAN is also a very notable name and is often mentioned on prestigious sound forums.


HIFIMAN HE400se still retains the simple and practical design of the product lines from this brand but has changed a small part to create its own character.

HIFIMAN HE400se Over Ear headphones wired

Compared with the HE400i or the HE400s with a dual-braced headband design, the HE400se has a single pull-out headband. HE400se headband is thickened and covered with a black leather layer, inside is a hard sponge. This design ensures comfort when worn because the headband will not be pressed to the top of the head while retaining stability for the two sides of the earcup.

The HE400se’s earpads are lined with soft leather outside and felt fabric inside to resist heat allowing you to use them comfortably for long periods. The earpad shape can fit on the ears, as well as rotate 360 ​​degrees to suit the wearer’s face.

HE400se Over Ear headphones wired is mixed with 2 contrasting colors black and silver to create a great luxury look. The earcup can be rotated in and out about 10 ° for a snug fit (and more comfort). The two sides of the earcup are marked with a separate L / R symbol and have the logo “HIFIMAN” with the product code name “HE400se”.

The supplied 3.5mm jack cable is silver-plated copper wire.

New planar magnetic technology

The planar magnetic design in headphones from HIFIMAN has the biggest advantage of being easy to pull, friendly to mobile devices, often with standard output only. HIFIMAN HE400se is extremely “gentle” with a frequency response of 20Hz ~ 20kHz and an impedance of 25 Ω with a sensitivity of 91dB, ready to meet the needs of listening to music from a smartphone or tablet/laptop.

HIFIMAN HE400se hands-on

This new generation of planar magnetic drivers uses the stealth magnet system, which HIFIMAN meant that this magnet system will not affect the airflow generated by the driver.

Instead of using horizontal and vertical lattice magnets like traditional planar magnetic drivers, Stealth Magnet uses large, larger magnets, rotated 90 degrees to not obstruct and not diffuse as much as older generation drivers. This makes the sound lively and escapes, soaring, the bass is strong and very catchy, the upper bass is bouncing and stretched while the mid and treble have unrivaled clarity in the price range, although we just heard.

Price and availability

HIFIMAN HE400se Over Ear headphones are now available to buy from Amazon.com for $149 only.

Recently, Bang & Olufsen has unveiled its premium Beoplay HX wireless noise reduction headphones. The headset supports Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology and can work offline for up to 35 hours. When the ANC function is off, the device can operate on a single charge for up to 40 hours and is priced at $499.

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